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marcus gilvear
itsthe pie in the sky
every one gets a slice of the pie however you better get yours be for big uncle vinny takes his slice or there will be non left I am 47 balding bedroom artist I play bass guitar and guitar and wrote song and sing it on magix music maker
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play hi-fi  HEART OF A THOUSAND PIECES (feat Candia)
play hi-fi  secret tears demo
play hi-fi  In the Shadows ft. Veela
play hi-fi  the monster feat. Veela
play hi-fi  FOREVER, IF feat. VEELA
play hi-fi  Just Let it Move Ya
play hi-fi  MUISCA
play hi-fi  A Finer Point (preview)
play hi-fi  Tentacles (bear hug mix)
play hi-fi  Summer Rain (instrumental demo)

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