NEWS   To be released on the 12th of March:

H.E.R.A.S.' new MCDr "Harsh Electronic Raging Ambient Sounds".
The disc is a 27 minutes long debute of fine industrial and power electronics and a selection of three years of harsh work.

01. Scree
02. Havoc
03. Adrenaline
04. Shot In Stomach
05. Obedience

The MCDr comes in a full colour design and is limited to 100 copies.

The MCDr will cost 5 euros (direct sales). It is possible to order: shipping will be 1 euro. Send an email to Rule-Ant with your adress and you'll receive details for payment.

Harsh Electronic Raging Ambient Sounds is directly available at:
12th of March: Heaven & Hell II, with Coph Nia, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Spermblaster, H.E.R.A.S. & Volksweerbaarheid. Simplon, Groningen, NL

2nd of April: Amphiskios with DJ's TekNoir, Nanhold & Rule-Ant. Op Drift, Groningen, NL

24th of April: Gates Of Elyzium, with: Psyclon Nine & H.E.R.A.S. Wolweze, Leeuwarden, NL

Best wishes,

Rule-Ant & Scrape

Debute gig played at 8-11-03, Iduna Drachten with Tactical Sekt!!! Went great!

See next gigs in bandinfo!

"Adrenaline" released on V/A: Van Duytschen Bloet. See reviews for more info!

"Cromaclear" released on Lowlands Industrialism LP:
Interested in the state of the industrial scene in the Low Countries? On the compilation "Lowlands industrialism" one Belgian and seven Dutch industrial / experimental projects join forces. Each project contributed one track to make up a vinyl album filled with harsh industrial music.

Side A
S.A.R.S. - The mindkiller
The peoples republic of europe - Pax europiana
Isniezot - ritual
Spermblaster - Sacrifice

Side B
Doow - Bifurcate
H.E.R.A.S. - Cromaclear
Condomium - 3434 (3+(4X3)X3(-11)X101=3434 rmx)
- The great awakening is asleep

The lp comes in a special sleeve and is limited to 300 copies. It can be ordered from New Darkness Recordings and all participating artists.

Mail to order! LP costs E8,- ($8,50) + shipping. See contact!
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Welcome to our mp3-home! Here you can download our Harsh Electronic Raging Ambient Sounds!

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Why this name?
We were inspired by the scenery of the international company Heras, a designer of security (like fences etc.) They always have their fences on industrial places!
Do you play live?
The Netherlands:

November 8th 2003 - Iduna, Drachten with Tactical Sekt

March 12th 2004 - Heaven & Hell II Festival, Simplon, Groningen, With: Coph Nia, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Spermblaster & Volksweerbaarheid Simplon

April 24th 2004, Gates Of Elyzium, Wolweze, Leeuwarden. With: Psyclon Nine Gates Of Elyzium
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What's major in the noise-industry? Still, we would ofcourse sign a contract with a label like Ant-Zen, Hands, Hymen, Ad Noiseam, Noitekk etc.
Band History:
The project HERAS came to exist in 2k1. Inspired by industrial panoramas, mechanical noises and power-electronic music, Rule-Ant & Scrape developed rhythms and ravaging soundscapes with a dark and / or aggressive edge. The conquest of HERAS marches onwards.

Scrape – Programming, Sampling
Rule-Ant – Programming, Sampling
Your influences?
Power Electronics, Industrial, Noise etc. Bands like: Converter, Winterkalte, Asche, Morgenstern, Imminent (Starvation), Tarmvred etc.
Anything else...?
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