Reggaeton - Pura Vida
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If you ask any DJ, they’ll tell you Reggaeton is the hottest music out right now. All the clubs go crazy when Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” comes on or they play an America artist over a reggaeton beat making for some of the hottest remixes ever. Booking agents, promoters and DJ’s are doing everything they can to get their hands on hot new reggaeton artists before everyone else. Truth is when the smoke clears and everyone has all the hottest reggaeton songs then what will the people want to hear? Pura Vida is that answer. Two Ticos that were born in Costa Rica but raised in New York. They are the best of both worlds from Latino music to Hip Hop. Every chorus and hook that Pura Vida has contains that Latin Reggaeton flavor that comes from Puerto Rico like Zion y Lennox, Don Omar, Baby Ranks and all the other talented artists that sing their catchy chorus parts in Spanish. But the talent doesn’t stop there Pura Vida is the first artist to have all there verses contain that New York style Hip Hop in English. There is no other artist out there like them with every song a club hit!

Your influences?
I’d say our music is that gray area between the Reggaeton coming out of other countries and the hip hop reggaeton remixes you’re hearing on the radio and in the clubs. I’m a big fan of the Puerto Rican Reggaeton as well as the Reggaeton I’ve been hearing from the other countries. I’m also a big fan of the DJ’s who are putting the American hip hop artists over Reggaeton beats. But there are still a lot of people all over the world who love the music but don’t understand the slang terms or maybe don’t understand the language all together. Our music bridges that gap by having Latin singing hooks with English hip hop verses, it’s what we do best. The whole idea came naturally to us, since we were born in Costa Rica but raised in New York it has always been more natural to sing/rap in English, however once we began writing over Reggaeton beats, it became more natural to do use both languages in our songs. Overall I’d say we have Zion, Don Omar, Tony Dize, Baby Ranks style chorus parts and our verses are more the American hip hop style with some spanglish in there. It’s a lil something for everyone.
Anything else...?
Shout outs

B Luva: I got a few…DeeJay Element, DJ Big Dogg, DJ Twist,DJ Crew, DJ Sho Down, DJ Sho Nuff, DJ EDdii, DJ Prozpect, DJ El Niño, DJ Rich aka El Pistalero, TriCosta y Dons, Rek Lyon, Castillo From CR, Angela from Indie Street Latino! Brazil from Reality Media, Carlos Perez, Chino Rodriguez, Chris V., Clancy, C-Mack, Ebel Guerra from Reggaeton Wear, Eric V., Fiore, Harry Rawling from Booking Entertainment, Jay V., Jose V. jr & sr., Melinda from MTV Productions, Liege and Soulless from MGM, Luise V., Mike H., Puerto Rican Pete, Stevie V., Tony Capone, Big Zo and fo sure Lonnie.

Freak’N Costa Rican: Yeah, definitely DeeJay Element, DJ Playground, Twist, Sho Nuff, Zo, Kamellia, Tony Capone and the rest of the security team, all my real friends showing us love and supporting us all over the world, all the girls I’ve loved before, and the one person who will keep me growing and going strong, and keep me from giving up, my beautiful daughter, Alexis.