Jazz Instrumentals
Beats General
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World : World Fusion
This song was completed in April 2005. It's based on tabla and finger-cymbal loops with 3 tracks of sitar-type instuments, double bass, drums, piano, cellos and violins, bells and gongs, lots of harmonies, reverse reverb and eerie whispered parts.
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Let go
Pop : Pop General
Based on the true story of a 1920s female baloonist/parachutist which I heard on BBC Radio 4, whose name escapes me.
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Jazz : Jazz Fusion
A jazzy/funky number, inspired by the guy who de-railed a train by parking on a level crossing; this could be about anyone merely coming to a crossroads in their life, and using a train to escape.
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Pop : Euro Pop
A jolly, poppy, 80s sort of a song, about being at the centre of the universe... and whose universe is it anyway.
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Away, be a stranger
Rock : Folk Rock
...meanwhile, on Earth, things aren't quite going as planned... God: 'I know what to do! I'll send my amazing, wise, brilliant, beloved son for them to berate, abuse and crucify. That'll show 'em!'
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