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Beige AkA Issuez
NEWS   Well Folks, the Deployment is almost over.. so prepare for the music to start flowing again !
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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Ultra Combo ( vs. Punches GRB Semi-Finals)
play hi-fi  Bloody Knuckles (grb Semi's vs. Punches)
play hi-fi  Bastard Please (vs. Masta T, GRB round 2)
play hi-fi  Vs. Leeroy Jenkins a.k.a. Purleedef
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What da deal is people...
this is ya boi Beige.. Jus another Cat.. doin what I feel like. This, I dunno.. I feel I always got this ... Its just a part of me.
Really its jus a hobby.. I think bout takin it seriously.. then look at all the good UNSIGNED talent.. and be like ahh Blahh.
As far as the Issuez part goes.. just recently decided to pick it up.. hell peoplez been tellin me I got Issuez 4 years... Guess its time to add it to da Title.. Holla
Why this name?
Beige.. given to my Pale azz.
Issuez.. pretty much donated by the group of cats I spit wit in Iraq right now
Do you play live?
Do I play Live ?.. oh.. yeah..In my Tent... Game is hot... I like the freestyle control on da analog.. Hadji be bootleggin all the new Ish... but 2008 aint out yet.. So I really jus phuk wit Like Madden and NCAA right now.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think I can jack alot more beats this way. This is great for people like me.. who actually make beatz.. but are too lazy to do anything wit em. Just post em up.. and let somebody else make you famous.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they weren't completely, utterly, unequivically full of feces.. probably.
But we got a better change Of another Bush getting elected for President, than findin a Honest Lable.
Band History:
What up SC... Yo, If you lookin for Collabs, Beats, Battles.. whateva whateve... My contacts are all ova the Place.. Hit me uo.
If you make beatz, and you tryin to get ya Beat herd... Holla atcha boi.
Stay Up.
Your influences?
My influences were... um.. Thundercats... Fraggle Rock.. umm... Voltron.. He-Man.. DarkWing Duck... and Mr. Rogers/PeeWee Herman.. cuz they were Completely phukkin Nutz.. and managed to fool the entire viewing public...lol
Favorite spot?
My bathroom/toilette/shower... what ? You spend a Year plus in a Damm Desert... time after time.
All the little things like.. oh, running water.. and.. actual toilet BOWLS... become things of beauty. (Not to mention Melissa Ford, Ki Toy, and Vida Guerra Magazines and Posters... God Bless the azz)
Equipment used:
I use Cool Edit Pro 2.0 ... doesnt erry body.. thanx Peter...lol
I got Fruity Loopz 7
MPC 2000
Korg Triton
and a whole Lotta spit... yup
Anything else...?
Vote for Hillary.. we've had enough d**k in Office !
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