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666 Braw Destroyer
NEWS   666 Braw Destroyer will cause loss of hearing.
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Percussion mainly. Sometimes distorted (powernoise), sometimes not. Lots and lots of samples. If you think it is a bassline - it isn't really, it is mostly all drums. Secretly put together in a way not to be revealed to the world. Recently sometimes synthesizers too - but not much.
Why this name?
A stupid name for a stupid world I guess.....
Do you play live?
We girls do play with each other.....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Not really all that much - bands will have to perform life to make money. Most won't make any money really. So, not that much change except more music for free......
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
666 Braw Destroyer does not seek a label.
Band History:
2005: Founded to destroy braws! Also founded as a result of the committee for correct spelling -the group name clearly speaks for itself! Dedicated to all those grammar nazis out there.
Your influences?
Madonna, what else ;). Girlz just love Madonna.
Favorite spot?
It is a tiny little planet in the Andromeda galaxy we call home. Name can't be translated in any of the human dialects.
Equipment used:
Psssst! A secret.
Anything else...?
Yeah Yeah Yeah. Braw Braw Braw!
\m/ 666 Braw Destroyer \m/
We are for equality! We demand equal opportunity - and we will hand it out to the male dominated world of powernoise!
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