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ZX Spectrum Tribute
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play hi-fi  ATV Simulator Remix
play hi-fi  ATV Simulator Original Theme
play hi-fi  Golden Axe Level 1 Remix
play hi-fi  Golden Axe Level 1 Original Theme
play hi-fi  LED Storm Remix
play hi-fi  LED Storm Original Theme
play hi-fi  Zanthrax Remix
play hi-fi  Zanthrax Original Theme
play hi-fi  Knight Lore Remix
play hi-fi  Knight Lore Original Theme
In this page you will find music remixes from old ZX Spectrum games.
If you want to contribute to this project, send your remix (and if you can, the original version) in mp3 or ogg format to altairsound@gmail.com.
This project is under a Creative Commons License, so you can (and must) download, copy and distribute these musics freely.

If you want more information, please visit the blog http://altairsound.blogspot.com (in spanish, sorry, my english is poor)..
Coming soon, I'll start a new blog only for the ZX Spectrum Tribute (http://zxremix.blogspot.com)

Project coordination:
alt@ir (Spain)


Zygotus (Spain/Poland)

MGD (Spain)

Nachenko (Spain)

Rolemusic (Spain)

...and all those that they want to collaborate :)

Thanks to raww.org (www.raww.org) and ZX Magazin (zxm.speccy.cz) for its respective reviews.

Thanks to Kenz for include some tunes in his great retropodcast One Man and his Mic (http://www.binaryzone.org/podcast)
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