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PR Underground
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play hi-fi  Emotionless (preview)
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Spawned From Imagination PlayList:

1-2) Intro
03)Pictures of the Brain
04) The Beginning
05)Unit One
06) Dream of Me *Unreleased*
07) Obsession *Unreleased*
08) Rain
09) Lost in Love
10) Fire and Ice
11) Prisoner of Dreams
12) *Interlude*
13) Imprisoned Emotion (Resonant Lab Mix) *Unreleased*
14) Dark Sky *Unreleased*
15) Elusion (Short Mix)
16) What You Cannot See (Resonant Lab Mix) *Unreleased*
17) The Wizard
*Bonus Tracks*

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Why this name?
PR Underground.
Do you play live?
Nope but my music will be played in the clubs pretty soon... I've been networking wit some DJ friends of mine. They are goin' to hook me up ;)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If that opportunity ever came about... hell yeah I would, but I doubt I'm good enough to make it yet. in good time though, I'll get up there ;)
Your influences?
My Musical influences... I would have to give it mostly the European DJ’s; I like their style the most. However, I live off of trance, so of course all the rest of the techno/trance DJ's and artist out there as well. Also a lot of my style comes from my Latin culture, which I try to incorporate that into my music.
Favorite spot?
My Favorite place on earth... Deffently New York and Germany
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