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I picked up my brothers guitar and began trying to play it at age 8. THAT was a long time ago, in a galaxy...oh, never mind. I played progressive rock back in the 70’s, being a very big YES fan, but turned to more Acoustic/Fingerstyle music in the 80’s and have mostly stuck with that. In my music, I prefer to emphasize melody and composition over flash, but will try a spiffy lick now and again. I enjoy most styles of music, from Acoustic Alchemy to Led Zeppelin, from Jobim to Rush, from Yes to Ravel. Influences have included most of the guitar greats, known and unknown, expecially Martin Taylor, Steve Howe, Chet Atkins, Eric Johnson, Phil Keaggy, Johnny A, Robben Ford, but also many more. I sincerely hope you find something in my hodgepodge of musical styles that you might like.
Why this name?
My full name is Jay Phillip Rose and my family always called me Phil, so I normally go by that, but someone else had taken "Phil Rose" on the first site I started posting music (not here) so I started using Jay. I'm slowly moving things back to Phil...
Do you play live?
Having been cursed (or not, depending on ones point of view) with an introverted personality, and not terribly fond of crowded places, I don't play live too often anymore.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The fact that I've uploaded my music to this site kinda makes the answer to this question obvious. For me personally one of the best things has been the ability to listen to some outstanding musicians I would have never heard of otherwise.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
See my intro above, which mentions the main influences. In case you missed it: "Influences have included most of the guitar greats, known and unknown, expecially Martin Taylor, Steve Howe, Chet Atkins, Eric Johnson, Phil Keaggy, Johnny A, Robben Ford and many more." Some of those many more include Martin Simpson, Ed Gerhard, Laurence Juber, and Andy Timmons, to name a few more.
Favorite spot?
Taft Point and Sentinal Dome in Yosemite. Childhood swimming holes on the American and Yuba Rivers.
Equipment used:
All music recorded direct to PC using Samplitude and Cakewalk Sonar. Guitars are a Traugott Acoustic, Taylor N42 nylon string, Anderson Drop Top strat. Plugins include Edirol Orchestral, Edirol Super Quartet, Isotope Ozone, some Waves stuff.
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