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Meet me..... Lance! Im a 30 y/o dj/ producer from Nottingham in the uk. i have been dj'ing for 15years but only started wrighting proper tunes for the 5 last years or so, by proper tunes i mean one's made using proper kit( Novation Supernova 2/Korg R3) before i was using a ps2 with music2000, it did the trick for home stuff! but now i think ive finaly cracked it! if any one wants to comment on my work please feel free, all will be taken on board, bad or good, just always remember..... keep it HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I have now launched my own label Smiley Records
Why this name?
origanly i was called Dino (this being my middle name)but found to many other dj's called Dino so i had to change it, i was given the nick-name of Lance by some mates n it kinda stuck, so now im Lance of the round turntable (he he he)
Do you play live?
ive mainly played at woods parties (yes it's a party in the woods, Sweet!) the best atmospher ever! also played at a dj comp at the Gatehouse in derby but think i scared them a bit, i like it hard,dark n fast!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I can now have my OWN label
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I now on a label! F*** major labels!
Band History:
well told you most of it, cant tell you any more cos' it aint happened yet! so watch this space

update: now signed!
Your influences?
influences are pretty much all electronic artist's from Kratfwork, art of noise (these i think are the poineers) to the legendary T.D.V, and also BK,and pretty much any good dance producers!
Favorite spot?
my fave spot is sat here on my computer wrighting a tune!
Equipment used:
at the mo' just a pc with Nuendo3,Reason4, loads of VSTi's and a whole ton of synth samples and I have a Korg R3 synth
Anything else...?
you'll now probably feel like ive told you my lifes story, so i leav it at that till something changes!
oh yeah baby!
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