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Keep it Hustlin- Feat TRICK TRICK
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Ahwile back I had mentioned I was working with a Major Artist from Detroit, MI. Here is the track featuring the one and only "TRICK TRICK" KEEP IT HUSTLIN!
DREAMVILLE,USA (12/17) /// B U Y 1 G E T 1 F R E E
Hip Hop
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Step Daddy J started rappen when he was 10 years old in 1990 . Public Enemy , EPMD , Naughted By Nature , House Of Pain , PM Dawn where some strong early influences .
Step Daddy J started High School September 1992 and was introduced to Gangsta Rap by his East Indian Class Mates . They taught tha J Child about Ice T , Ice Cube , N.W.A. , Ghetto Boys and Luke . Step Daddy J loved this harder version of rap music and became addicted to it . J Child would listen to Kube 93.3 FM , a urban rap radio station from Seattle Washington USA . J child especially tuned in to the top 7 at 7 countdown and the Saturday Night remixes .

In the summer of 1992 , Gangta Rap had taken over the airwaves . Dr Dre " Let Me Ride " , Cypress Hill " Insane In The Membrane " N 2 Deep ' Back To The Hotel " .
Fall 1993 Snoop Doggy Dogg's First Ever Single " Who Am I ? " was leaked to Kube 93 and Tha J Child was pumping it all day on his radio and for his homies at grade 9 in Incentive School on Steveston and Shell Road . Fall 1993 and Winter 1994 it was all Dogg Pound Long Beach LBC Music !! Tha LBC was on top ! Nate Dogg , Warren G , Snoop Dogg , Dogg Pound and Domino rulled the Radio and CD Charts . Step Daddy J loved this west coast music !

In the Spring of 1995 , a 15 year old Step Daddy J started hangen out al night long in South East Richmond . Broadmour and Shellmont where the Richmond neighbourhoods Tha J Child woud hang out in . Step Started running around Erington School and lifting weights . Tha J Child wasn't called Step Daddy J yet . That would come in June 1995 . J was talking to a girl and she told him she had to go home for dinner because her step dad told her too . Than J Said these immortal words : " Don't go for Dinner . Stayhere with me . I'm you're Step Daddy ... You're Step Daddy J ! " . And that is where the name Step Daddy J came from .
Step Daddy J came to Richmond High School in September 1995 . At Richmond High and all around Richmond BC Step Daddy started performing in front of his schoolmates and strangers . This prompted the release of Step Daddy J's first album " Croatian Game " .
Step Daddy J worked on Croatian Game from 1995 to 1997 .

Durring this time , Tha J Child would work out for 6 hours a day and had an absolute breathtaking body . The ladies started loving Tha J Child .
Step Daddy J released " Croatian Game " Spring 1997 , 2 nd album " Wisdom " Fall 1997 and 3 rd album" A J Child Christmas " Winter 1997 .

Run-ins with the Law in the late 90's caused J to not release an album for 3 n'half years . Finally " Step Daddy J 2000 " came out in 2000 and ushered in a new era with a new group of rappers like Peter Black and Duece rapping along with Step .

J's 5 th Album " Step Daddy J Christmas 2001 " came out and was a great success with lot's of people buying copies .

J was holding down 2 full time jobs in 2001 and 2002 in South Vancouver and thus crossovered his mass apeal to the Vancouver music crowd . Tha J Child was selling roses in tha day time , and working for Chevron on a graveyard shift . Both of these jobs where on tha corner of Main Street and Marine Drive in South Vancouver . J would do his regular jobs and hustle his C.D.'s on tha side . People would come in drunk to Main and Marine Chevron and buy Step Daddy J albums for $ 10 each .
Step Daddy J would also sell expired food for half price . Tha J Child was making a lot of money !!

Tha J Child was rolling in doe , but he kept on looking for more .
2002 saw Step Daddy J' 6 th Album " 13 Years In the Game " Come out . In August 2002 , Step Daddy J expended his Jugovich Record Company to Alberta .

Step Daddy J lived in Alberta for 3 years and released his 7 th Album " I Can Get Any Girl In Broadmour " in 2003 .

In 2004 Step Daddy J released his 8 th album : " Jugo style " .

Step Daddy J released compilations and group albums from 2005 to 2008 . Compilations like Richtown Luv , Nature Boy , Jugorich , Richmond Armadelloe$ and Medicine Hat Mauradaz . Step Daddy J was in a group with BCGZ and European Mafia . European Mafia released 10 albums on Jugovich Records and Downlow Records .

In 2007 , Step Daddy J became CEO of Jugovich Records and Downlow Records . In 2008 , Step Daddy J's Homie Peter Black became the CEO of his record company " Black Lagoon Records " .

Jugovich Records , Downlow Records and Black Lagoon Records make up Jugovich Entertainment which Mr. John Danijel Jugovic is the C.E.O. of .

In 2009 Step Daddy J released his 9 th album : " Croatian Sensation " . Step's 9 th album featured new rappers Mista Mead and IZK .

In 2010 Step Daddy J released his 10 th album : " Croatian Sensation " .

Also in 2010 Step Daddy J created his popular You Tube channel :
This You Tube Channel features the life and times of Step Daddy J and is very popular in the Internet World !

In 2011 Step Daddy J released his first Double C.D. and 11 th Album : " Double J " . Johnny Juuann was featured in this album .

In 2012 Step Daddy J released his Second Double CD ; his 12 th album : " 2012 " .

Lookout for Step Daddy J's next album in 2013 called " Pimp Daddy " . Also Johnny Juuann will be working on his 2 nd album and Peter Black will be working on his 6 th album .

Why this name?
Cool Story . Back in June 1995 Step Daddy J was hangen in tha Erinton Park area and talken to this chick called Sasha Thorton . Sasha told J she had to go back home cause her Step Daddy was calling for her . Then Step Daddy said these immortal words : " You don't need to go back home to you're Step Daddy . Come to me . I'm you're Step Daddy ..... J ! " - That J just came to Step Daddy from tha heavens man . It was pure majic !
Do you play live?
One of the big querks of Step Daddy J is that making albums is one thing , performing is another . Step Daddy J says : " How many busters out there make these Internet or home albums and just sell them and don't perform . Come on , this is show - business . Part of being an entertainer is going out there and entertaining the crowd .

Step Daddy J performances are full of energy and everyTAG NOT ALLOWED has a good time !

Step Daddy ' s performed at South Arm , Thompson and Steveston Community Centre's in Richmond B.C. , Richmond High School , Cheers Night Club in North Delta and Heritage Inn in Brooks Alberta . Tha J Child has also rapped at the Richmond Night Market in front of 5,000 people .

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's revulutionary . Anybody in the world can listen to you're music . I've had this soundclick page up and running since March 2003 . It's awesome how you can listen to Step Daddy J , even if you're on Vacation in Europe .
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes , of course I would . But I would sighn on my own terms and not get pimped around . I need my Mondays to Fridays to Myself . Saturday and Sundays I'm free to perform and entertain .
Band History:
Originally Johnny D back in the early 90's , J as a 11 year old used to call up L.G. 73 A.M. ( They used to play rap music back n tha day ) and get on the radio insulting and harrassing the dj's Howie the Hit Man and Tank . Move to Spring 1995 and J was spending all his evenings at Errington Park playing Basketball , picking up chicks , beating people up and causing mayham

Step Daddy J released " Croatian Game " Spring 1997 , 2 nd album " Wisdom " Fall 1997 and 3 rd album" A J Child Christmas " Winter 1997 .

Run-ins with the Law in the late 90's caused J to not release an album for 3 n'half years . Finally " Step Daddy J Christmas 2000 " came out and ushered in a new era with a new group of rappers like Peter Black and Duece rapping along with Step .

J's 5 th Album " Step Daddy J Christmas 2001 " came out and was a great success with lot's of people buying copies . Around this time is when Step Daddy J started becoming a house - hold name in da big city of Vancouver B.C.

J was holding down 2 full time jobs in 2001 and 2002 in South Vancouver and thus crossovered his mass apeal to the Vancouver music crowd . Tha J Child was selling roses in tha day time , and working for Chevron on a graveyard shift . Both of these jobs where on tha corner of Main Street and Marine Drive in South Vancouver . J would do his regular jobs and hustle his C.D.'s on tha side .

2002 saw Step Daddy J take his Jugovich Records record company to the next level and release a album every month that year in 2002 . The albums where groups , compilations , other rapper solo's and of course Step's 6 th album , " 13 Years In The Game " . J Also released his first movie , Nature Boy .

Step Daddy J's 6 th solo album " 13 Years In The Game " came out in January 2002 . Then in February it was Aman Dhecko " Beware Of The Dhecko " It was sort of a compilation album kind of thing ... In March 2002 , the first double album from Jugovich Records arrived . It was also European Mafia's 1 st album " True Playas " European Mafia is Step Daddy J and Duece . Mr. Locko and Crazy K where part - time members of the group . Duece and J had a great chemistry together and it shows whenever they rap together .

April 2002 saw " Jugorich 1 " come out , a compilation . May 2002 saw the debut album of Peter Black . Peter is super duper siccc ! He's crazy yo ! " Yah know what I mean ? " was Peter Black's 1 st album . June 2002 saw Nefarious Blue come out with his debut album " Murder in Broadmour 22:22 P.M. European Mafia came with their 2 nd album " True Europeans " in July 2002 . Aman Dhecko's second album came out August 2002 " My Last Name Is Deal " That was the last album from Jugovich Records while they where in B.C. for a while . The next couple of years , the albums would be released from Alberta as Step moved there August Long Weekend 2002 .

September 2002 had the classic first Nature Boy Album . It was a real good bumpin ' compilation ! Step Daddy 's other group , BCGZ , released their debut group album " Selling Drugz 4 Luvz in October 2002 .

November 2002 was " Sitting on Park Benches " and December 2002 was " White Wigga " to close out the banner year of 2002 for Jugovich Records as 12 albums came out that year !!

By 2003 , Step Daddy J was going Nation-Wide by living and working in Alberta . That year , J's 7 th and one of his best albums came out entitled " I Can Get Any Girl In Broadmour " . That album had monster monster hits on it like " Farewell To The Rich " , " Siccc Siccc Siccc " , " She's Loven It ' " and " Knowledge " .

J Also opened up this web site which allowed people from all across the World to listen to his music via the Internet . The Song " Farewell To The Rich " which Step Daddy J rapped about leaving Richmond B.C. was a mega-smash hit .

2004 Tha J Child Released his 8 th effort " Jugo style " . Duece's first solo on Jugovich Records came out called " Eastside Creepin' ". European Mafia's 3 rd album came out , the double c.d. called " Siccc Siccc Siccc " Peter Black 's 2 nd album came out called " Orange Roughy " Peter's Second album was full of hit songs !! " Nature Boy 2 " was the other album , one of the 5 releases in 2004 .

2005 saw the Second Album release from BCGZ " Drug Dealerz " with the hit song " P.I.M.P. " Medicine Man , Peter Black and Step Daddy J are the current members of BCGZ . Heat 4 tha Street the Album Compilation/Soundtrack dropped in August 2005 with the Hit Single : " Sexaholic " featuring Peter Black and Duece rapping bout they love 4 sex . The other album that dropped for Jugovich Records in 2005 was the 4 th Album from European Mafia " Game Related " . Duece and Step Daddy J make up E.M. and " Game Related " is European Mafia's greatest album to date !! Every song in this album is a hit !!!! " Robotz " was the energetic first single ... 3 albums came out in 2005 and they where all crazy tight !!

2006 Jugovich Records did it real big !! Starting with the first album of 2006 ; Album 0027 : " Nature Boy 3 " to the last album of 2006 ; Album 39 : " Richtown Luv II " . In 2006 Jugovich Records had 13 albums come out !!! First " Nature Boy 3 " came , then it was " Jugorich 2 " . After another great compilation came out " Heat 4 Tha Street 2 " The next releases was " Jugorich 3 " which was followed up by the hot hot compilation " Richmond Armadilloe$ " . Later , Peter Black's 3 rd album came out " Peter Black Jerk - Off Mix Tape " . Then it was European Mafia's 5 th album " True Europeans 2 " .

Duece's 2 nd Jugovich Records solo and 12 th career solo album " 5 C Boy " came out . It was a hot album . Duece so far had 2 albums on Jugovich Records , and 10 on Downlow Records . " Richmond Armadilloe$ 2 " was next which was followed up by the double C.D. compilation album called " Nature Boy 4 " . After came " Heat 4 Tha Street 3 " . " Richtown Luv 1 " and " Richtown Luv 2 " rounded out tha great year of 2006 for Jugovich Records . 13 albums was awsome !!!

In 2006 We also incorporated our our Jugovich Records hotline at : 604-682-3269 # 7169

But 2006 was the biggest year so far as Step Daddy J was Number 1 on under the " gangsta rap " colum for over a week !

J Child was also in the top 10 for well over a month . The J Child was also as high as 2 in the regular " rap " chart in .

These things where great , but the most important thing is that J married his love Char on May.20'2006 Saturday . It was a beautifull wedding for a most beautifull couple !!


Tha 2007 saw tha instantaneous release of " Richtown Luv 3 " , followed by Richtown Luv's 4 to 10 . Then it was tha hot summa 2007 compilation albums " Nature Boy 5 " and " Jugorich 4 " . These compilations had major major heat !! Later on in the summer of 2007 saw the releases of 2 European Mafia albums back to back !! - And both of them where double C.D.'s !!

European Mafia released 2 albums in 2007 : " 2003" and " The Pimp and Tha Gangsta " . Both albums where double C.D. " 2003 " was a collection of unreleased European Mafia songs while " The Pimp And Tha Gangsta " was full of new songs from Duece and Step Daddy J . " The Pimp and Tha Gangsta " Double C.D. was full of hit songs and bomb ass beats . The best song unquestionably had to be the mega - smash hit song : " Smell My Nutz " All Summer Long people where jamming to this song and telling people to smell their nutz !

It was 6 th European Mafia called : " 2003 ". And the 7 th European Mafia that followed was tha Blazing " Pimp and Tha Gangsta " . Both these European Mafia albums where chock full of heats . " Pimp and Tha Gangsta "featured tha smash summer 2007 blockbuster hit " Smell My Nutz " This song ruled tha streets all Summer and Fall long .

More albums still came in tha great profitible year of 2007 ! Tha double C.D. " Medicine Hat Mauradaz " was released . It featured songs that Step Daddy J and his homiez did while J lived in Medicine Hat Alberta in 2003 and 2004 .

J's homie and old neighbour from Brooks Alberta called Sudden Furry had a solo album release called " * Johnny * " . This album was crazy man !

Another Richtown Luv album dropped on the scene , tha 11 th one , which was a double C.D. . This was the 54 th album from Jugovich Records to date !



It was an incredibly busy 2007 year for C.E.O. Mr John Danijel Jugovich . So much so , that he aquired Down Low Records in July 2007 . In July 2007 , John Danijel Jugovic ; C.E.O. of Jugovich Records , Black Lagoon Records and Jugovich Entertainment , aquired Downlow Records . Downlow Records has 24 albums from the years 2000 to 2005 . This now gives John Danijel Jugovic ownership of 3 record companies along with his movie company Jugovich Entertainment .

Downlow records had 24 albums in their Catalog and hadn't dropped a new album in 2 n half years . Well one of the Downlow Record Artists J Da Rippa put an end to that famine by releasing his second solo album " Richtown Mentality " in December 2007 . J Da Rippa's 2nd album was produced this time by Step Daddy J and featured Duece , Jaden Jugovic , Peter Black and Medicine Man . It was a tight-lacin album 4 sho !!

2007 was a blockbuster year as 15 albums came out for Jugovich Records and Downlow Records had their first new album in years !! That's 16 albums in total that came out in 2007 !

In 2008 , tha J Child desighned , developed and executed a throng of new web pages for Jugovich and Downlow Records . Downlow is on soundclick now at

2009 Croatian Sensation was released , the 9 th Album from Step Daddy J

2010 Mamma's Bad Boy was J 's 10 th Album

2011 saw Double J come out and it was Step Daddy J's First Double CD and 11 th Solo Album .

In 2012 Step Daddy J's 12 album , 2 nd Double CD came out called 2012 .

Your influences?
Too Short , Chuck D , Public Enemy , Dr. Dre and Daz Dillenger mixed in with some Spice 1 and M.C. Eight . Jeeeaah .......
Dangerous Crew , Dogg Pound , Goldy , M.C. Pooh , House Of Pain , Micheal Jackson .
Favorite spot?
Anywhere by the Ocean , Lake or River . I'm lost without clean water .
Equipment used:
Sony MHC - 505 , JVC Kaboom Box , Beatmachine and my computer along with it's musical software
Anything else...?
I just wanna get loose , party , enjoy life . After work's done , let's just party and have a good time with Step Daddy J !!





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