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play hi-fi  'Real'..... Nikka (Freeverse)
play hi-fi  'Where Have You Gone'.....Nikka (DEEP SHIT)
play hi-fi  'Throw Away' 3 Different Beats 3 Different Verses.
play hi-fi  Beat For (Chizzle, Equell, Hentai) DL IT
play hi-fi  'Come On'.... Nikka (Quite Short)
play hi-fi  J-Maul (Nikka vs Jamal) Not Much Effort.
play hi-fi  'Goodbye'.....Nikka (Tribute to grandma)
play hi-fi  'Nikka vs Goodson' (Round 3 RM Summer Tourney)
play hi-fi  'Nikka vs BlururOptikz vs Odd Job (RM Round2)
play hi-fi  'Live Here' (Nikka, Praverb, Point Game, Salvdor)
The name was thought up by a Black guy in skool cuz the names Nick he said your such a Nikka i know i walk a fine line with the name but hey i dont look at it as racist at all really its a lil flip im my real name.

I roll with myself I have a passion for this thing we call rap music and always willing to progress.

I starting writing meaningless sh*** about a year bk and recorded on and off for like 2 months then sh*** happened and I had no time for this ish, and when sh*** blew over and past i started again and been recording for a solid 4 months now getting good help from real nice MC's.
Why this name?
The names Nick Im white so Hence the name im no Ni**a Im a Nikka LOL
Ive battle so many people that use the same thing over and over again its stupid so if u read this dont try the 'White Nikka' line.
Do you play live?
Once i get my steez and everything on lock i will start booking gigs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Just look at Jin from the Ruff Ryders, its just practice yo u dont get born with all the ish you build up too.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Who wouldnt!!!!!!!
Band History:
No band history just me myself and I
Your influences?
Since i was young i was always encouraged to listen to music anything from Guns N Roses to Yes and i still listen to lots of music rock rap indie R n B everything music is a big part of my life.

Point Game thnx helped me alot check his ish out at or In the store and buy his album.

Props to my homie Orange Juice youve stuck by my side man much love for that IMA all the way baby

Also props to Ness Lee who murked me in our battle on but heainrg his ish made me realise what i need to do.

Also look out for.

'AkkiN Up LP' (Coming Soon)
Gonna be something a little bit different got good production on it and will hopefully b dropping soon people.

Favorite spot?
In front of my MIC
Equipment used:
Studio Mic, Pop Sheild, Mic Stand, Cool Edit (Now getting into producing so 'Fruity Loops and Acid 4.0)
Anything else...?
'AkkiN UP' (ON ITS WAY) Cover is up there.
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