The Real Natural Disasters
NEWS   We'll be shooting a video thru DETROIT RAP TV, Organizing College Tours, and performing in high profile showcases.

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play hi-fi  Die 2 Nite (feat Jamaal)
play hi-fi  Internet Gangstas (JCrill opn Collab,feat.TyPhoon)
play hi-fi  We Are
play hi-fi  Champion Inst. (co produced by Volcanic Prod.)
play hi-fi  I Could Feel U
play hi-fi  Drama Musik (Feat. S.L. Ent)
play hi-fi  Gimmie Dat
play hi-fi  New Birth (Instrumental)
play hi-fi  Give a F**k
play hi-fi  Shut sh*** Down

Why this name?
Sept 11 not only represents terror but an awakening of the American public. Three DETROIT based rappers joined forces and we vow to change the rap game thru dedication, motivation, drive and purpose. Our mission just as an actual Disaster is heaven sent and soley for the purpose of "Destroying and Rebuilding"
Do you play live?
At every oppurtunity!!! Open mic's and showcases weekly. Auditions monthly for larger venues. College tours upcoming. We love the Adrenaline rush from the energy we give to the crowd and the crowd gives back. " The first time we performed at a Theatre, I watched a ni**a go nuts right in front of me while I was rippin' my verse and hittin the hook, I mean our movements and the lyrics on the whole song had that ni**a gone, security had to barricade the front of the stage it was gettin so wild. Forreal!!! "Tornado"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is a revolutionary tool that enables you to sit on your ass and still be able to communicate with more people than via transportation or radio. Go figure! If you rap thru a gimmick then the internet is your enemy, If you rap reality thru what is real then its the best thing that ever happened!!!!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If you're not looking for a deal from a major label, WHAT R U DOING? Anything else sounds uncivilized!!!!!!!
Band History:

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Your influences?
WEST COAST MUSIC ALL DAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2pac,Too Short,Yukmouth,C-BO,E-40,Scarface,Spice1,
8Ball&MJG,Mr.Mike,BigMike,DruDown,RBLposse,B.O.N.ERIP: Soulja slim,EazyE,BigL,Biggie

Favorite spot?
Our favorite spot is in the booth or on stage.
Sorry we're biased Detroit's the sh*t right now!!
Holla at us for that Superbowl 06 or hope u came to Comerica Park for the MLB All Star Game or even the NAACP conference. Thats whats up
Equipment used:

Anything else...?
Da Real NATURAL DISASTERS welcome ANY wannabee's or so called MC's to F*CK wit us, on this RAPPIN, SCRAPPIN'or CLAPPIN!!!!! ITZ WHATEVA!!!!!
For the rest of the GAME to all those eatin' real good right now, OUR MOTTO IS GIMMIE DAT!!!!! WE RUNNIN" EVERYTHANG!!!!

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