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NEWS   ANNASTATSEA featured on Jade Sol Luna's NIGHT RITUAL on the PAGAN RADIO NETWORK.I am very honoured and proud to be part of this show.

"Dark Ambient has a specific spiritual purpose to help someone go deep into the darkness of the sub-conscious. During my spiritual voyages through India and Europe, Dark Ambient became an enormous asset in my meditations on the Dark Mother Hecate. While people in India were mediating with Spiritual Bhakti music, I will sitting in caves, temples and jungles listening to Lustmord, Schloss Tegal, Band of Pain, Novatron and Kerovnian. This show "Night Ritual" is an opportunity for people to go into the depths of the shadow self.

The shadow of God is where her power lies, the Shadow is the destroyer of ignorance and the real light truth cannot be experienced without traveling through her.

There will be little interruptions on this show, so grab your black candles, bones, ritual gear and Meditate on the Void with me Saturday nights from 8-10 pm (Pacific) exclusively on the Pagan Radio Network."

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*R&B/Hiphop banger* Panties On The Floor (w/ hook)
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The Dragons Awakening
As an artist I found myself searching for a true purpose to express the pain and beauty of living on this planet. Over the years painting and writing have always enriched this need.In my human and artistic evolution I have discovered a new medium in music. Music itself is a lush playground a canvas without limits.

Why this name?
This realization soon opened the door for the beauty of this planet, and all that engulfs it to enter.Even as the light enters I still must swallow what I allowed to imprison me. As with our Mother Earth

we to must walk through the dark to once again see the dawn. At that realization perhaps in a metaphoric sense, and even a spiritual sense the ancient Goddess Tiamat reached out to me.

Her story is perhaps as the earth itself, as we are it is one of pain, longing, betrayal, and abuse.

I have observed her many incarnations throughout the history of man, and in her there is strength, love, eternal desire, and many wounds in need of healing.

She is an injured child, lost and alone. I feel that in this creative process I walk with her. I have become her vessel of sorts, and as I grow through this art she will grow. through my eyes she will again be free, and become one again with her missing piece Apsu.



Do you play live?
Live shows on the horizon projected and to be announced.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The mp3 web format has given the Artist control,I find it wonderful,for me the art must be a shared experience.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would not sign a binding restrictive contract,I am perhaps willing work on a project to project basis with a major label,I prefer my independence.
Band History:
Artist Statement
In my lifetime many graces have unveiled before me. In this art I am given a bountiful inner-peace. the ability to share this is an honor. This world is full of beauty beyond words, and I am learning that attached to it there is always a touch of pain. Through this understanding comes freedom.
Creation of the music

Each song conveyed is projected from me with a genuine love descendent from it's origin.These songs surround my being and must be materialized with true conviction and passion.I see each song as a delicate flower that must be cherished and embraced.

I have no limitations to the methods or tools to use in creating these worlds.There is a beauty in any musical tool.Each soundscape is a door to another realm.Their entry into our world becomes a means of escape for this transmission of pain and beauty encompassed in this story;for me and who I reflect it is a form of soul cleansing,a transformation of an energy thought process into an audio canvas where others can understand a voice that has been lost.

The songs are composed as a painting,layer by layer until completion,and only at that time can I understand them as the artist.Some songs created are but delicate sketches that can only be expressed to that point.I have found the harmonics,and rhythms come naturally with the voice,as my array of instruments follow suit.

I have had no formal musical training.I consider all of my favorite artist as musical teachers from afar.Hearing their conviction,pain,and passion brought this need in me to take a step beyond the painting canvas in expression.Silence is now extinct in my art.I cherish music, to me it is otherworldly,a divine tool for certain truths that our cultures and social boundries can not fully grasp.

Music is something very primal and freeing to the soul.I envelope and cherish every moment I have with my connection to the source when expressing these songs.This musical experience is something infinite shared by many,I proudly carry it to the next phase of it's intent.The music itself is in a constant state of evolution.

Music Studio

My studio at the present is very basic,and in the process of being upgraded.In the meantime I have done my best to create a good sound quality to the works.I am very commited to the project of Annastatsea,and will persist in every aspect of it's evolution,including a progressed audio studio.I am unable to stop the flow of audio art,so by whatever means possible the work must be conveyed.

Your influences?
The music of ancient days,voices of past & present humans,for their cries echo without end.The times before the recorded sound.

Favorite spot?
Anywhere on this vast planet,next to my true love.
Equipment used:
Ghana drum
Hammered Dulcimer
Jubel Tone
Metal Xylophone
Midi Keyboard
Music Maker Hammered Dulcimer
Silver Chalice Drum
Singing Bowl
Six String Guitar & African Kora Guitar
Irish Tin Flute
Vocals & Instruments
Performed by
Natalie K. Coyle

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