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NEWS   Just added "Gettin' better", kind of a jazzy song I recorded back in 2007
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Most of the music you're going to find here is epic instrumental music, based in symphonic orchestra instruments, full with both emotive and powerful moments, inspired in World War II period. So it has a 'war taste', and may be can remember you a war film/game music.

But you'll find songs which are part of other music genres, as acoustic or rock, with a lot of guitars and other instruments not usual in my WWII stuff, but all of them played by me too :-)

In the beginng most, of the music was created to be the soundtrack of a great WWII game: Forgotten Hope. You'll find it in the latest FH release (v0.7)

After that, some of the songs were asked to me to be part of the soundtrack of an incoming WWII film too. But this is something I can't talk about at this moment :-)

Again, some music was asked to be to be part of the soundtrack of 'The constant War' too, a NoFear's extreme sports DVD documentary which is available in NoFear shops worldwide.

Of course I love music, not only film music. I love all kinds of quality music (from blues to metal, from folk to electronic..), and I've been playing guitar (spanish, acoustic and electric guitars) since I was 9. I've been guitar teacher during some time too.

I have studied solfa and some piano by myself, and I use computers, keyboards, digital devices, electric and acoustic guitars to create most of my music.

I hope you enjoy it and please, give me some feedback if you like it or you hate it!

You can go to my own website if you want.

See ya!
Why this name?
It's a long story. Some years ago I was in a car with a couple of girls, mates of a voluntary outdoor activity. One of them said 'You're Rantam, dude'. Don't ask me why she said that, I don't know why!! But I liked it, and It's my nick ;-)
Do you play live?
Not usually. Some years a go I played in metal band. But now I only play alone or with friends. I've been guitar teacher too.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I'm sure music industry will change due Internet boom. Internet is a great oportunity for new bands, a powerful tool to offer your music to the world.
Band History:
I've born and probably I'll die. And during that time I like to compose/play music ;-)
Your influences?
I've a lot of influences. From composers of film sound tracks (Williams, Giachino, Horner, Zimmer, Goldsmith...) to metal bands like Anathema, Opeth, Metallica or Dream Theatre. But I love all kinds of music: pop, blues, ambient, new age, acoustic, etc. so I have a lot of different influences: Michael Hedges, Hendrix, Vai, John Mayer, Robert Johnson, James Taylor, Depeche Mode, etc.
Equipment used:
I don't compose techno music, but my equipment is: a MIDI keyb, an electric guitar (Ibanez), an acoustic guitar (Seagull handmade), a Digitech RP6 effects proccesor, and a computer and other digital hardware.
Anything else...?
Listen my songs and please give me some feedback! You can stream them without sign, but it's better to create an account and download my free MP3s ;-)

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