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Hey ya'll what's up, it's ya main man Soul B.!!!
Why this name?
That name came from when i use to sing R&B. Everyone use to say i was a real soulful guy when i sang so i liked the name soul ya know. But then I met up with my group im in now and they encouraged me to rap, so when i started doing that i figued i needed a little something more than just soul. So since my last name is Bowser i added the B to it. And like the say you know what the rest is.
Do you play live?
Of course, the last show i did was at Monks Inn, a tavern in Southern MD. I love performing because thats where you get to express yourself with those same lyrics and the people can put a face as well as feel the emotion you put into those same words. I think everytime i get on stage is the most special moment i have because its like, damn man im here now!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives artist like me a chance to branch out and actually do thing like collabos and brainstorm, as well as politic about the industry and give useful advice about whats going on.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe, initaly i would only sign for the support of the label but when i got the oppurtunity i would get a label or production deal so i would be in more control over my musical future.
Your influences?
I listen to everything that is out right now! i'll listen to music i don't even neccesarilly like just to get the vibe of it. But you can expect a lil bit of Mos def, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, hell even the Gorillas, hell i'll even through some Redman in there from time to time.
Favorite spot?
I love my home town of New york, it's where im from. I love brooklyn to death, i represent N.Y. to the fullest. But Maryland is where im at right now, and i'll be damned if i don't help or inspire to get something crackin down here. I'll ride this bad boy out all day! M.D. right here babe!
Equipment used:
Recorder- Roland VS-2000
Monitor System- M-Audio Bx8a's
Computer- Custom computer built for music
Rack setup- Mindprint Envoice, behringer composer xl 2600
Plugins- Too many to name lol
Mics- Studio Projects C1, Samson CL7, Vienna (all through mogami cable)
Mixing- Adobe audition 1.5
Mastering- A mix between Ozone Izotope and Waves plug-ins and a few pieces of outboard gear
Production- Reason 3.0 (countless refills) motif and the phantom racks
Anything else...?
I love music, i love hip hop and ima do everything in my power to bring it back to where it belongs!
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