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Gauntlet Records
NEWS   Changing hip hop as you know it!!!
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play hi-fi  Black Vynm-N.O. be my Residence
play hi-fi  Black Vynm-Get It
play hi-fi  Black Vynm-Unchain Me f/Ray Charles
play hi-fi  Black Vynm-Lokin'
play hi-fi  Black Vynm-Clap for my City (Katrina Song)
play hi-fi  Black Vynm-Don't Come Round Here
Gauntlet Records is doing BIG THINGS IN 06. With the signing of its new group Black Vynm, a group from Louisiana's notorious Westbank, the label looks to make some big moves as it has been approached my some major labels. Also, check out for the most up to date news on all Gauntlet recording artists along with its Merk City Clothing Line.
Why this name?
Everyone enduring the day to day struggle of life, music and the grind goes through the Gauntlet to achieve success BY ANY MEANS NECCESSARY.
Do you play live?
Black Vynm has appeared in numerous talent shows throughout southern Lousiana and has shows scheduled in Atlanta within the next few months.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We get to hook up our fans with free music so they can stay up on game. Without the fans, there is no Gauntlet Records.
Band History:
Gauntlet Records is officially 1 year old, Est. Nov. 14, 04. After releasing several small time projects, the Gauntlet decided that it needed an act with staying power that showed devotion to their music and loyalty to the team. Black Vynm is that group. Comprised of 3 young men from the Westbank, Big Fav, Phat, Chay, Black Vynm has rocked the streets and the clubs for the last few months trying to make a name for themselves. With an extremely large fanbase, and the marketability of the Gauntlet, Black Vynm appears to be the industry's next CAN'T MISS SQUAD. Look out for our other artist, Lil Joe. Joe has been on the grind for years and is looking forward to joining the team and making a severe dent in the industry as well.
Favorite spot?
New Orleans, The Westbank, Baton Rouge
Equipment used:
You name it, we got it
Anything else...?
Black Vynm "Sophisticated Hustlers" coming February 06.
Lil Joe "TBA" coming soon.
Death Valley:Vol. I (Mixtape) Coming Soon
Merk City Clothing Line "This Winter"
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