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Sound Scientists
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The versatile and unexpected group, Sound Scientists (Sklex), consists of DJ/Producer Smoothbeats, Producer/Multimedia Genius Trioptic (Lex), Producer/Engineer Polygrafic and Engineer Gravity.
Why this name?
Sound Scientists... actually got the idea from an old test record from the 60s.
Do you play live?
Sometimes. Shows in Vegas, San Antonio, Houston, LA... beat battles in Orlando & Miami.. plus some live radio tracks.

Some of the best music is made on the spot.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
turns the whole sh*** upside down!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
depends what the contract says. Major labels mean nothing if they wanna squash your album and own all of your music.
Band History:
The versatile and unexpected group, Sound Scientists (Sklex), consists of DJ/Producer Smoothbeats, Producer/Multimedia Genius Trioptic (Lex), Producer/Engineer Polygrafic and Engineer Gravity. We have worked with all types of artists, from hip-hop (Snipe, Kingsyze of Q-Demented, Rasheed & Juan Gotti of Dopehouse, Quite Nyce of Abstrakt, Mad-1, Phil Harmonic of Mindspit, and many more) to reggaeton (Yaga y Mackie, Redeyes and more) and more (Transistor, Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys "smmmooootthh up in yaaa").

Trioptic grew up between Upstate NY and Southwest FL from 1983-2001. (Gravity teamed up in 1999, getting the first item to change their minds forever.. the MPC2000XL.) After 2001, it was off to the military as a digital media engineer. During his time stationed in Texas, he met up with Smoothbeats.. and so it began. Now located in Florida (as of 2005) with engineer Gravity, the hustle has ownly gotten stronger, bringing all of the hard work in Texas back to Florida.

Smoothbeats on the other hand, is a Houston-born beat junkie who has been in the game since Public Enemy were jacking for beats. He became a master of the MPC, ASR and SP1200 before there was an Ebay. Smooth (another military vet) has traveled to record and perform from Virginia to L.A. to Mexico (and hopefully Europe soon, jonies).

Polygrafic was the final element to the Sound Scientists. His musical genius with every piece of gear you set in front of him, from the MPC to the Triton, is obvious. In fact, his skill (and hustle) got him the opportunity to do the official Spurs Anthem for the winning 2003 season. Lots has changed since 2003. In the beginning of 2005, Tony Parker of the Spurs put Polygrafic onto a new level, producing for his French hip-hop label. Expect to hear more about this soon

With radio play starting out with college stations in New York, Maine and Texas... to heavy rotation on Power 106 in LA with a Twista Remix... to international airplay via radio in Puerto Rico and Mexico, our fanbase is growing fast... and we have only started.
Debut album is coming soon, the Sound Scientists are currently seeking distribution for various projects.
Your influences?
Frank Zappa, Wu-Tang and strip clubs
Favorite spot?
San Antonio, TX
Equipment used:
MPC2000XL, ASR-10, SP1200, Triton, Motif, ProTools HD, so much gear...
Anything else...?
ya.. coming soon
Sound Scientists - Instrumentally Sound (2009)