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Brent Heath
New School
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Born in Alabama, Raised in Tennessee. Brent is a true southern boy and handles the the song writing, vocals, guitar and piano for his music. Brent learned to play the drums and piano by age 10 but traded them for a cheap gituar and amp. Cutting his teeth on Lynard Skynard, Ted Nugent and AC/DC, he knew that Rock-n-Roll would forever dominate his life. He and his brother formed their first garage band "Brigade". It was during that time brent began to sing and sing he did. Brigade lasted 8 years and even Garnered a 15 minute opening slot for Aerosmith and Ted Nugent On Aerosmiths Done with mirrors tour. Talk about hometown hero's WOW!

Brent has been writing songs for most of his life. Matter of fact music has been his only life. He played live venues in and around LA, Southern California, The Sunset Strip in Hollywood, New Mexico and Orange County. He performed for Easy Rider Magazine, Played shows with members of Guns and Roses and was featured numerous other magazines. "Music is all I know."

Why this name?
I had a couple different band names but I am performing under my own name at this time.
Do you play live?
All the time! I am by far no stranger to the stage and can put on one heck of a show.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It give us a few more possible avenues that were not possible in the past
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but it would depend on several factors?
Band History:
GB Magazine's Feature

Rock and roll is not an easy machine to drive; yet Brent Heath drives it and drives it well. I had the opportunity to experience their first CD, titled Speak, and embarked on a journey down the rock and roll highway that seemed to resurrect the spirit of seventies rock and roll, embellishing it with a timeless edge.

Remember when music could take you to a place that only existed in your head? Close your eyes that your soul may see, Brent will lead you on a musical journey back to a time of music that for a while existed only in our memories. Brent's music reminds us that Rock n roll will live

Abe Perez plays the drums, Brent on lead guitar, lead vocals and is the songwriter, and Lindsey Heath (Brent's Brother), plays the bass and
synth pedals.

These guys have played together for 7 years and that is longer than a lot of marriages folks. They Take their rock and roll as seriously as a
preacher takes his religion. No matter how large or small the venue, these guys put the pedal to the medal, giving everything no holds barred. Their commitment to their audience, to their music and to each other is the formula to success in rock and roll.

During this article Brent opened for "Dr. Hook Featuring Ray Sawyer" an "Lee Rocker" of Stray Cats in Albuquerque New Mexico.
Your influences?
Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, alternative, Grunge
Favorite spot?
An ole country fishin' hole listen to Johnny Reb on my web sight and you will understand!
Equipment used:
gituars, keyboards/Piano, drums, bass gituar.
Anything else...?
The Rock Storm!!!

Brent Heath Rocks so grab what ever it is that protects you from the elements and CRANK IT UP because that is the only way to listen! WARNING: You may become a fan, repeated exposure to this music may lead to addiction which may enhance sexual performance and may inhibit mental programming due to government, mass media and organized religion. BE FREE!!!!!
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