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Bartholomew Klick
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play hi-fi  Star of the County Down, Flute
play hi-fi  The Butterfly
play hi-fi  Generic Irish
play hi-fi  Behind the Bush in the Garden (Practice)
play hi-fi  The Ships are Sailing
play hi-fi  Tobin's Favorite
play hi-fi  Kate's Jig in D
play hi-fi  Kate's Jig
play hi-fi  Star of the County Down (Variation)
play hi-fi  A Flatlands Korobeyniki
I play woodwinds; Recorder, Pennywhistle and Fife. I'm saving up for a low whistle. I am completely self taught and I ussually play by ear, though I can read sheet music if I feel like it.

I'm actually looking for a band to join, so if any of you hear something you like, feel free to contact me.
Why this name?
When I do solo acts I go under the name, "Whistling Aardvark" -- Aardvark's kick butt. That is all.
Do you play live?
I live in Kansas City; I don't really like it here much; it's a horrible place to date and an even worse place to do street gigs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If the recording industry is losing money to an honest competitor, it needs to go away just like any other failed business.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I don't have much of a history. Soz mate.
Your influences?
Roger Whittaker, The Wooden Spoon, My friend Bradford... I love all music and I draw influence and ideas from just about everything I hear. My real bag is Irish Traditional. Even when I play a song that isn't Irish, it ends up sounds irish.

The Folks at the Chiff and Fipple ( are awesome, and have an awesome community. I'm known as Blackout Entertainment, there.

Also, Tony Higgen's Tin Whistle Tune page(, which has taught me all kinds of awesome songs. (And you might even find a few things of mine there.)

Jazz inspires me. But I live in Kansas City, so...=)
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