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Heavyhitta Beats
Scott Styles
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Welcome to Heavyhitta Beats. Browse through some of the samples and hopefully you'll find something that you would like to have on your next single or CD. Exclusive rights are available for the price listed. Custom beats and beat packages are also available. Contact hammerback1@gmail.com to purchase.
Why this name?
I chose Heavyhitta Beats because of the group that I was in back in the mid 90's called the Heavyhitta Klikk. We only did a few songs and then we each went our separate ways. I decided to stay making beats and occassionally rapping while everyone else decided on other ventures. As a beatmaker, I was too dedicated to music to just give up. So here we are with Heavyhitta Beats.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it makes it easier for the smaller labels and artists trying to get out there a chance to give it their best and show what they're made of without worrying about some label executive.
Your influences?
Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Red Spyda, Battlekat, KeNoe, Neptunes, Mannie Fresh, Alchemist, Kanye West, Medicine Men, Havoc. the list goes on.
Anything else...?
Enjoy the site and the beats. Beats will play the intro, first verse, and chorus then fade out when the second verse starts. I don't believe in vocal tags so it's very unlikely you will ever see a vocal tag on Heavyhitta Beats.

To buy the full track of anything you hear on the website, contact me at hammerback1@gmail.com or IM me at either of the following:

AOL/AIM - fievalecroix or omgitsrook
Yahoo - fieva_contagious

*Exclusive rights can be purchased for the price listed on the beat. When the rights are purchased for any beat, the beat will appear as "SOLD" and the name or stage name and company of the buyer will appear if requested. When the beat is sold, the buyer will receive a contract via certified mail that the beat has been sold to them and will not be resold to anyone else.

*Custom beats are available. The price starts at $400.00 per track. Email me for more details.

Beat packages are available.

*Beat Package #1 allows you to purchase five (5) beats for a %25 discount from the total of all 5 beats, owning exclusive rights to all five. As the buyer owns exclusive rights to all of the beats he/she will receive a contract for all 5 beats. Custom beats may not be used in this package.

*Beat Package #2 comes with four (4) custom beats Pricing is negotiable and will be done on case by case basis. Custom beats also come with exclusive rights included. Beats that are available on the website that have not been sold can be included if requested.

Upon purchase for exclusive or custom beats, we will send a confirmation email, informing you of your order. If your email cannot support over 2MB, we suggest either a hotmail or a gmail account as both of these do and are absolutely free. On request, we can send your beat as a .wav file on a CD with the completely mixed track as well as a folder that will contain each track on it's own for re-mixing and mastering purposes. The buyer will also receive a contract that states that they are the official buyer and that the beat will not be resold. Once a beat is sold with the exclusive rights, it can be used however you wish with the following exceptions. 1.) The beat may not be resold to anyone else. 2.) Heavyhitta Beats will be given credit on the project that the beat is used for. An example of how to write the credit in your project would be "Produced by Fieva at Heavyhitta Beats".
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