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The Voodoo Skins
Dance X
uploaded on
01/15/07 @ 08:59 AM     post a comment
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its a good rocking and slightly psychedelic music video with lots of crashing guitars and thumping drums and bass. See the darker version of this song: Dancer X Dark - its a corker!!!!
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Introducing the band
The Voodoo Skins are Alex Potts (Clyne)
and James Hunter (Herman) who have been in various indie and rock bands
- such as The Monday Club, The Brilliants,
Oz Cab Five,Mercy, The Damp House &
for a terrible few months The Drunken'
Donuts!. Never wanting to run stagnant,
they have dabbled with different genres of music - even
crashing the thriving folk scene just to play. Evolving and using some of these influences to arrive at a place where they are happy at.So far they have released three albums with three different bands (go here - )
& thought they would try an invasion of the internet.
So far there's been no complaints.
they hope you like what they have
recorded for you and you've been having fun downloading their music...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :o)

Why this name?
as simple and stupid as this!!
We were watching TV during a
recording break and a documentary
about the Voodoo religion
came on whilst
we had a meal of
fried potato skins so we thought.....!!
Do you play live?
yes, we play live,
mostly in various imaginary venues
here in glasgow like
The Passionette Hermandoville,
(just a coincedence I assure you)
and The Crackd' Joint.
yes, we love it,
there would be no point
if one hated it!!!
No special moments other
than playing to mental cases, especially imaginary ones!!!
Throughout the 90s we played at a number of
folk festivals (as the Drunkin' Donuts
& Mercy & Oz-Cab 5)then started playing
Alt/Rock it!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it changes the way people
listen to and treat music
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Recording at the
C Sharp Music Factory
in the early nineties
with Steven from
the Cosmic Rough
Riders taking the production duties,
Clyne and Herman refined
their tune-writing skills,
and then duly forgot them to give them less structure and
more rawness
which has resulted in several bands taking this free forming attitude -
bands like
The Fairlie 2 and

Your influences?
Can't think of any great influences.
Just like every form of music there is,
from death metal to
torch music - Marduk to The Warlocks and everything in-between.
Favorite spot?
Glasgow City & the small of my lower back
Equipment used:
bass guitar, electric Guitar, Beatcraft programmed Drums, Keyboards. We use the Mixcraft programme to record directly onto the hard drive...
Anything else...?
nik,nik a doodle doo doo dae O !
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