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John P Roche
When The Levee Breaks
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Music by John Roche - Slide Guitar and Vocals

Ken 'Smokingdog' Jarvis - Bass, Banjo and Slide Guitar Solo

'Smokehouse' Barry - Blues Harp
No Sunshine
New School
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Why this name?
It was given to me at birth.
Do you play live?
The occasional Open Mic.
My regular one faded out of existence
from lack of interest.

(Note to Self; Must play out more often)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If it weren't for the internet and Mp3 there
would alot of music that would never get heard.

Including mine
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Would they ask me?

Actually I'd rather sign with a smaller label.
Band History:
Been playing guitar for over thirty some odd years and recently got back into songwriting.

I've played in Rock Bands, Folk Groups and the Blues any chance I get. Yet alot of my songs have
a country influence.
(My Mom was a big Hank Williams Fan)
Your influences?
I always though about how I would answer this question if asked. The honest truth would have to be any music I ever heard.
Even stuff you don't like influences you not to sound like that.
But if I have to drop some names: Buddy Holly,
Everly Brothers, John Lennon, John Hiatt, Neil Young,Johnny Cash ,Hank Williams, J.J.Cale ,John Prine,The Eagles,Lou Reed, Buddy Guy ,B.B.King Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Holland Dozier and Holland ,Steve Cropper,Bob Dylan' Willie Nelson Rick Nelson, Jimmy Reed,Elmore James ,T Bone Walker, Kris Kristofferson,OK I could go on for ever.
Favorite spot?
I call The Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts Home.
Equipment used:
I do most of my writing on a '74 Martin D18
Anything else...?
Also see my Collaborations Page:

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