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Finesse the Great a.k.a Young hitler (the problem) or just call me eddy or e its whatever
Why this name?
finesse is because i spit with a lot of finesse and hitler is because i'm a problem
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah if the moneys right
Your influences?
Rakim, Method Man, qweli, big pun, mos def, lord finesse, big daddy kane, kool g rap
Favorite spot?
Coney Island. shout out to my niggaz in West 30th street in coney island by the way
Anything else...?
we the future Animal instinct, we the roman empire we taking over you could hate it or love it but can't stop it. it is what it is and that is what it's gon be, i'mma make the streets hop
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