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Markovich/A Music Project group with contributors local and on the Internet, the purpose is to create a music mixing acoustic and electronic sounds with a strong groove and thoughtful lyrics (well, sometimes)

Project to create music in the footsteps of the Severn Delta posse: Portishead, Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps. The music is a Borg-like fusion of Electronic and Organic: plenty of real guitarsand basses used, as well as synths, samples and anything that can make a noise.

The core of the group consists of Roy Phillips, compositions, instruments and production, with Jerry Allen and Margot du Bois lending their vocal talents as well as contributing lyrics and music.

Additional producers include Brodo and the semi-mythical Frankie Wilde

Why this name?
The group is named in honor of the Countess Constance Markiewicz, with an easier spelling for western Europeans. The /AMP tag signifies the "project" nature of the group.
Do you play live?
We haven't performed the current batch of songs live yet, mainly because members of the group live in different countries. It comes down to a cost thing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There is alot that needs changing, and perhaps filesharing can play its part. Things have got a bit crazy since the Fab4 got this pop thing rolling. Personally, as a musician and a music consumer, I would rather have a lively local music scene, where audiances can see the bands they like in small venues for reasonble money, and where a musician can earn a living from playing music. Today, it's all-or-nothing, global brand marketing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not a decision I'll ever have to make....
Band History:
Punk rock bands "back in the day" to
smoothie pop/rock in the late eighties and an almost alt.country cover band up till last year.
Early exposure to
had a traumatic influence
Your influences?
Influenced by all good music, whatever the style. I guess the trip-hop side of things is strongly influenced by Portishead, the almost sub-audio ambience of thier productions generates an amazing mood, emotional vibe. Bands like the Pixies and The Replacements are a perhaps unheard influence, but thier song structure and arranegments are execllent. Other acts that have had an influence include Moby, Goldfrapp, Sneaker Pimps, REM, all the way to Uriah Heeps synth sound (who was that Lee Kerslake).
Favorite spot?
Munich beer gardens. Thats civilization at its highest.
Equipment used:
Main workspace is Cubase, plus Fruity Loops for building up the groove. I use a Wackcaster (Telecaster with Piezo and Midi pus) to digitize ideas, or for drums, record a bongo and then try and "trace" it with midi. I don't record audio until late in the game, making it easy to change key and tempo and structure.
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