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Empress Touch
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play hi-fi  Round Celebration Part One (AH remix edit)
play hi-fi  Round Celebration Part One (mp3 clip)
play hi-fi  Love Triangle original (mp3 clip)
play hi-fi  Love Triangle Remix Edit
play hi-fi  The Landscape Is Vanishing REMIX (extd mp3 clip)
play hi-fi  The Landscape Is Vanishing (mp3 clip)
play hi-fi  Are People Perfect remix
play hi-fi  Are People Perfect original
play hi-fi  Blue, In Itself remix
play hi-fi  Blue, In Itself original
A failed protest-song singer/songwriter/producer, I write and record MIDI data electronic instrumental tracks using outdated consumer-level software programs. These can range from single-sound contemporary pieces to techno-trance reintepretations.
Why this name?
Like Agent Sumo, I put one and one together. Unlike Agent Sumo though, there is a painting called "The Empress's Touch", but I (as a gentleman of integrity) honestly came up with the name myself.
Do you play live?
No. I'm only a DJ in my dreams at this moment in time.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You will always need energy, realistic belief and wise support to be a successful artist. But the internet has only highlighted the benefits of recording more than one, two or even three versions of a song/track, and giving your audience a free taster. Imagination, to sum it up in one word.
Band History:
I only have three years of occasional studio visits, with a year’s part-time study of basic music technology. I consider myself to be a much more experienced and talented music listener than musician.
Your influences?
Primarily Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre and Simple Minds. I am influenced by any musician who strives to make intelligent art with the sole intention of giving us all something of genuine meaning and substance. By far the most consistently innovative and exciting producers around today are Black Strobe, but there are so many more who simply aren’t paid any more attention by anyone than you ladies and gents who use these various online music services.
Equipment used:
One gentleman, a PC and an outdated software CD program.
Anything else...?
I also watch most sports and search for quality new or classic music I’ve yet to hear.
Love Triangle
Love Triangle
Are People Perfect
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