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sounds great man smoth and rocking dude cool.
Superb musicianship! And you're very eclectic. Impressive stuff.
Sup Charles (long time no talk),

Stop by and check out "Life of Riley". It's our newest out. It's kind of long, but worth the listen! Also, be looking for us to change band names in the near future to END GAME.

added you to our #1 radio station on Soundclick "teezyabnwizard"...enjoy the daily promotion of your band...stop by and check us out....
Great work, checked you out from browsing the accoustic rock charts. some great stuff here.
Keep it up!

If you get a moment please check out my songs and let me know what you think.

thanks smile :)

Hi Charles
Just heard 'Check Please' in the charts, this is one of the best guitar instrumentals I've heard on SC, I love your technique and I can't wait to hear the rest of your songs, so I'm away to do that right now, keep them coming!!.
Simply Wonderful composing and performing!
It Eats You From Inside..Wow amazing guitar work as usual, production is first class! We have stationed it at our "GUITARS ROCK" station! See you soon!
hi,leo told me about you,,great taste in lead work you have dude...good work indeed
"So damn Gorgeous these tunes are"
Let me say that again. "So damn Gorgeous these tunes are"

Hope all is well in your life.

Yo Buds,

Leo & Lis xoxoxoxox
Hey Charles, I really like the shreds on "It Eats You From The Inside!" So how have you been my brother? I hope that life has been good to you! I have been on hiatus for awhile, but im back. I have a new song up. It's called "RESCUE ME". More to follow. Get back to me when you have a chance! I have a website "". I really want to get it going, especally the forum! Ckeck it out! Feel free to call on me anytime! Hope all is GREAT with you! If not, Your not alone, believe me. Peace and Love your way always! Take care, Brent.
Hey Charles, Decided to stop by and say Hi. Hope all is great with you! I'll have some new stuff up soon. I have some ready to go right now. I am one of those that judge myself quite harshly, You know, Im my own worst critic! Anyways my friend, Take care and keep 'er rocking, Brent.
Listening to check please and lovin it!! Excellent guitar and structure, love this site and I will listen to more
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