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play hi-fi  Fist of the North Star
play hi-fi  black queen (float away)
play hi-fi  morning
play hi-fi  oh crap, vampires
play hi-fi  pH (f./DJ Snyder)
play hi-fi  server log (f./ LogicOne and Bits)
play hi-fi  what do you know?
play hi-fi  scientistik
play hi-fi  last drop (f./Killsaly)
play hi-fi  fragile minds after midnight
Geeky raps I did for the hell of it. I'm also willing to collaborate with people needing either guest vocals or banging beats (I did most of the ones on my page).

Rock and roll.

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Why this name?
Benjamin Bear was the name of my teddy bear as a child. It came to life one day and started rapping about bowling and percoset. Or something.
Do you play live?
Sure! I've played for businesspeople at CES, for drunks in various locations around the nation, and usually got an ovation!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it gives everyone a chance to release their latest chart-bottoming single.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Um. Sure.
Band History:
After he built a giant robot and took over the skies, Benjamin Bear busted a fat guy in the nuts. Little children everywhere still love him for his unbreakable flow and love of chocolate.
Your influences?
mc chris, eminem, snoop dogg, aphex twin
Favorite spot?
key west, fl
Equipment used:
i rub two cats together until they catch fire.
Anything else...?
I'm not lazy, I just live at night.