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Tim Gallant
NEWS   I'm in the middle of recording Metanarrative! A great deal of volume 1 is now at "demo" stage.
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play hi-fi  Dead Men Don't Rise (Unplugged Version)
play hi-fi  Hit the Ice
play hi-fi  Tears in the Sky (Oct 20/06)
play hi-fi  World You Dream Of
play hi-fi  Rivers
play hi-fi  Groaning
play hi-fi  A Eucharistic Hymn
play hi-fi  Amazing Grace
I'm primarily a songwriter - I've written roughly one thousand songs since about age 12. I listed myself as folk, but in truth I do a broad variety of stuff - quasi-prog, folk, rock, and too-difficult to classify. My major project I'm currently working on is called Metanarrative, and incorporates folk, quasi-classical, semi-Gregorian, art rock and more. The important thing to me is not genre, but beauty. Good melody, pleasing vocals (often with lush harmonies), musical balance. And thoughtful, artful lyrics.
Do you play live?
I don't play live very often. Occasionally I do for a handful of people, but I'm not presently pursuing the proverbial "gigs."
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives artists a venue. People who would otherwise be never heard by anyone beyond their home town can suddenly have access to a worldwide following.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Show me the money. ;)
Your influences?
I have been influenced by a very broad spectrum of music, so some of the background may be subtle. An early Christian folk-rocker named Don Franscisco was an early influence, and in the old days (1980s) U2 rubbed off some. But if the question is what is my favourite music, largely prog with a heavy dosage of classical content - Kansas, Spock's Beard, Proto-Kaw, Neal Morse, Kamelot and so on.
Equipment used:
My present gear is basically guitars: 1976 Morris W616 (acoustic 6-string); Carvin DC400 (electric); Rodriguez Model A (classical). I now record on Sonar Producer Edition.
Anything else...?
I have more musical selections for download at these two sites: (personal site) (a music project site)
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