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Hand Bob the Spoon
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play hi-fi  Man (am I your girl?)
play hi-fi  GI Joe Head
play hi-fi  My Friend Carl
play hi-fi  Cut Your Puppet Strings
play hi-fi  Bag of Holes
play hi-fi  Plato must die
play hi-fi  Consumer Pig
play hi-fi  Cut You Open
play hi-fi  Veal
play hi-fi  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Carl Anthony (Guitar)
Chadwick Dupre (drums)
April Fallon (guitar/vox)
Chad Mallet (Bass, 1994-96)
Jim Rosato (Bass, 1992-93)
Mike Schoonmaker (Bass, 1993-94)

Hand Bob the Spoon played in and around Lafayette, Louisiana from 1992 - 1996.
Why this name?
No one seems to recall exactly how this happened...
Do you play live?
We played live at The Wall, Metropolis, The Loose Caboose, Purgatory, Grant Street Dance Hall, Ms Patti's Retreat, Skip's Bungalow, and The Poinsettia Party Palace
Band History:
April and Carl were in a bands in highschool in Chicago. Chadwick (Dupre) went on to serve for Frigg a-go-go. Mallet is missing.
Your influences?
Early 90s chica bands (Babes in Toyland, L7, Mary's Danish, Hammerbox); LZep; vintage toys (that's not a band, but maybe it should be?), nature, violence, poetry, politics.
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