Nights in Berlin
New School
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play hi-fi  Combining The Systems
play hi-fi  Bliss of Zen
play hi-fi  Either Way
play hi-fi  Ima Go For Mine
play hi-fi  The Killer In me
play hi-fi  Building Forever
play hi-fi  Give it Definition
play hi-fi  The Truth Will Stand
play hi-fi  Twisting the Facts
play hi-fi  Soul Medals
"From the roots Knosis (mind/knowledge) and Soma(body) - which refers to our integrated, holistic practice of using our intellect, mind, and body to achieve what we believe is the next generation of remote viewing and similar paraconscious techniques."

Sample soul solace peace exists amidst your temple a palace for your mental laden with true strength an harmony tune an frequency to harness an harvest all from your homage on these planes back to the sands other bands same space different parrallel feel the bliss swell entrenched in a spell falling flawlessly in a meld universally alligned assigned a conscious mind to design my own playwrite scribe my own scrolls with insight expressing light collecting inner might an radiating allievating energies a peace doctrine in poetry think with virtous intent decisions complement the person you invent
Why this name?
this is what i do
Do you play live?
im only live... Everywhere... Love it... each an every
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its easier to be heard
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If i get the chance to be heard on a larger scale basis without changing who i am an what i stand for it will be done...
Your influences?
My Music is made from inside my being as thus all who have affected me in anyway shape or form have in turn influenced what has come out...
From the people who didnt even acknowledge me when i gave them a nod or a smile... to the people who have given me there life story without even telling me there names... An everyone in between...
Thank you...
Favorite spot?
My Mind
Equipment used:
acid pro 5.0 an a 30 dollar mic <--- you heard me
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