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Four guys from New Westminster, BC, Canada. We play punk rock.
Why this name?
We found it on a sticker.
Do you play live?
Yes, we strive to play live.
Band History:
It all started about 3 years ago. Denver (the drummer) and Kevin (former band member) decided that it would be fun and exciting to start a band. Neither of them knew how to play their instruments but out of sheer ignorance decided that Denver would play drums and Kevin would play guitar. Denver started to take drum lessons (with an alcoholic). The band later split up but Denver continued to play the drums.

Later on Harold came into the picture and the first real band was formed. At first finding a singer and another guitarist was extremely difficult and we ended up trying around 7 or 8 people for the job. The band later split up for a while because we could not fill the other positions.

The band later regrouped in around grade 7 when David became our singer. The band's path was set, we were called "Fire Temple". But the adding was not yet complete. A 4th member was then added, Ben (the bassist). After a game of lazer tag (hill)Billy was asked to join and he agreed. This band, Denver, David, Harold, Ben and Billy went on to play several gigs. But this was not meant to last. David eventually became paranoid that Billy was trying to sing and thus eliminate him from the band. Denver and Harold assured him that this was not true but in secret, it was.

When we finally decided that the time was right to kick David out we had Ben call David and tell him that "we were taking a break." Harold later felt guilty and the band actually did take a break. David later confronted Denver and Harold at a neighbourhood swimming pool. The band got back together after that.

After we tried several times to land a singer we finally found Taelor. It was after this that our eyes were reluctantly opened to Ben's lack of skill. We sacked him one fatefull day and we still have his amp in our basement. After going through several bassists (such as Nelson) we decided it would be best to force Taelor into picking up an instrument in which he had no intention of playing, the bass. There the stage was set for the newly named band "dysfunctional".

At first we were horrible and our first few gigs were riddled with alternative music, forgotten words, misplayed riffs, and overused drum beats. We eventually smartened up to our apparent crappyness and started writing punk-ish music. The music got more and more punk over the months and this brings us up to date. Denver, Billy, Harold, and our singer/bassist/webmaster Taelor.

We are all born in '87 except Billy who is too uncool to hang out with kids in his own grade. And this ends our rambling escapade of lies, firings, but our vision never strayed, it was always about the music and whatever helped it helped us.
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