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aPfeL bITs
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This is a new band that you may never have heard of. If that is the case, you must listen to us. I guarentee you will never chew on a dog the same. Plus, we are clean. We wash our hands alost every day. No swear words or innuedos are intended in our songs and we are a comedy band. Something not seen everyday, eh?
Why this name?
Now your probably all wondering "What the heck does Apfel Bits mean?" So I'll tell you. Well, it is German for apple bits and is a store brand version of something that tastes closest to Apple Jacks.

The reason Liam chose this as the name because it was the strangest and most memorable name of all he could think of. He subconsiosly shouted out surrealisms, and narrowed them down to a few good ones. One of his strongest names was "Pop-Tarts", but because the name is registered in the US Liam decided that legal issues are horrible, and he'd be best to stay out of them. So then he thought of Toaster Pastries, and asked his brother what he thought of it. His brother, Wallis, gleefully replied with "Naw, you'll sound like some Throwing Toasters loving freak." Liam's second choice was waFFle iRonZZ but once again, it sounded too much like a comedy band (Hot Waffles). So then, Liam, living in the Netherlands as he is, looked across to the dinner able and saw perched on it a box of store-brand "Apfel Bits", and, not really thinking said "Apfel Bits?" and Wallis replied with "Dude, that's perfect."
Do you play live?
We play live, oh yeah. There was, like, this one time when I farted. And then everybody laughed. Oh wait, we don't play live. Sorry.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's bad, dudes. We work hard on our music and then some lazy bum just downloads it and says "who gives?" Well we give, lazy dude. On the other hand, now I can get all the Gorillaz songs that I want for absolutely NOTHING! Only an empty feeling inside.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Do you think anyone would even dare listen to our songs? No way, dude!
Band History:
The band consists of 4 members. Originally, it was a 1-man-band, which was just Liam and his instrumentals. Now, his best friend and drummer has joined, as well as his brothers. and so be it. ARR!

Well, that's putting it short, anyway. It starts out in a little town we like to call Huntingtown. There were 2 boys who had just heard several Weird Al songs, and wanted to try their share of funy songs. And so was written "Boogers are Burnin'". These boys were Liam, band leader, and Matt, drummer. Then, they formed the band Carbohydrate, which soon enough converted to a serious band, "Underfed". Liam isn't a fan of serious songs, so he created aPfeL bITs. We could bew the "Comedy Stylings of Underfed", but that sounds dumb. Well, that's not all the history, but all YOU need to know!
Your influences?
Weird Al Yankovic, Throwing Toasters, Matthew Hodgson That One Guy, Jake Waters, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Devo, Nirvana, Grunge, Techno
Favorite spot?
Walla Walla, Washington because it has a funny name.
Equipment used:
Read Ethan Mawyer's band page for this information. Why do we keep it secret? The world will never know.

Anything else...?
If you want to go to the band's blog, go here.

ShiTheada has a hidden message.

Liam learned to tie his shoes in 5th grade. We are weird, are we not?

We aren't Canadian.

The blog has fake names. But you'll have to figure out the real names by yourself!



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