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Graeme Cammack
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Safe House
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play hi-fi  Charlie's Carrot Dance
play hi-fi  Dreams Of The Sleeping Dog
play hi-fi  Little Waggy Tail
play hi-fi  A Nice Day For A Bimble
play hi-fi  Biting The Heads Off Tulips
play hi-fi  In A Forest Of Bells
play hi-fi  African Dream Sunrise
play hi-fi  Cities Of The Neon Darkness
play hi-fi  The Ring Modulator's Lament
play hi-fi  The Phantom Of Braemar
Originally from Jupiter, I have been trapped in a human body for forty five of your Earth years now and to pass the time whilst awaiting rescue, I make music with some of your primitive technology. I am also known as The Shed Man but that's another story...
Why this name?
It was given to me by my parents shortly after I was born. I am also known as The Shed Man but don't tell everybody, they'll all want one!
Do you play live?
I played live many years ago in a band called Final Program but nowadays I only play in my studio, The Invisible Shed, which is really just a fancy name for my spare bedroom.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Have you met my friend Dave? He's a lovely chap, as long as he remembers to take his medication.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, I'd sign it with a pen, then regret signing it as the label would make 17 squillion quid and I'd end up with 53p a year royalties.
Band History:
Formed September 3rd 1962 and still going strong!
Your influences?
Everybody I've ever listened to + Ivor Cutler
Favorite spot?
A park bench on the banks of the River Dee on Riverside Drive, Aberdeen. Joint favorite is the bandstand in Duthie Park, Aberdeen, a few hundred yards away from the aforementioned park bench.
Equipment used:
Yamaha SY55 synth, Yamaha ERG121 electric guitar (on earlier tracks), Westfield SE888A electric guitar (which has now replaced the Yamaha), Alesis GuitarFX effects pedal, SoundBlaster Audigy LS soundcard and loads of software including Fruity Loops, Audiomulch (check out ), and others too numerous to mention. And Indian claw bells.
Anything else...?
You know when you get up in the morning and find your hair's on fire and the postman is stuffing stale kippers through your letterbox? Well, that's never happened to me.
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