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Awarded "Best Industrial CD of 2002" by JPFolks.com

Alternative, industrial, goth rock. Think: Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and Stabbing Westward in a tasty frapee.

Our societies expectations have been systematically lowered to mediocrity. Individualism has been reduced to cookie cutter duplication of a fictional world that can never be. Art has reflected that with the saturation of carbon copy, flavor of the hour artists, that all look and sound similar. Due to the current state of our culture, something must awaken mankind's senses to reality. The world needs W!CK now more than ever, to remind us of what we can have and who we can be. With Despotism, 2004 Release, the band begins a new revolution with its fist in the air.

W!CK is fueled by realism and uses this as a weapon against a war that only mankind has created. The war that is leaving scars with no definitve growth within humanity is being won by freethinking individuals, following the path that W!CK has paved. Now, with the CIA Records release of Despotism, W!CK has constructed the blueprint of music for the new generation.

The 2002 W!CK release, Ideology, awakened our senses with emotionally driven tracks including Everything, Lies, and All This Pain. The release of this album exploded and put W!CK on its first U.S. tour hitting over 30 cities in the last quarter of 2002. Ideology was rightfully awarded "Best Industrial CD of the Year" by JPFolks.com on March 1st, 2003.

Fresh off their 2003 Raid-Invade Tour, W!CK returned to the studio to finish off the long awaited follow-up to their award winning 2002 debut album. The result is a controlled mixture of life lessons, sonic events and multi-media titled Despotism, a 12-track journey into the darker more aggressive side of W!CK. This album is a masterfully crafted frappe' of analog and digital sounds that highlights the power of TweeZes' guitars and the boundless vocal ability of freQ.

The Revolution has just begun, and Despotism is the next chapter,.
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W!CK has finished their 2004 "Despotic" national tour. They're back in the studio working on their 2005 material.

You can purchase all of their CD's at http://www.cdbaby.com/all/cleomgt

W!CK 2002 release "Ideology" was awarded BEST INDUSTRIAL CD OF THE YEAR in March of 2003 by jpfolks.com.
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NIN, Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, StaticX, Stabbing Westward.
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