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play hi-fi  Another Empty Bottle
play hi-fi  Hey Girl
play hi-fi  Up In Tha Club
play hi-fi  Streets Of Life*New*New*
play hi-fi  Song Cry
play hi-fi  GateWay Records Diss -Esetears
play hi-fi  Jacking Your Card
play hi-fi  Live To Breathe n die
play hi-fi  All Around Me
Hey Homies!!!!!!Its Ese Tears Putting It Down For The Brown Vote My Shit!Play My Rolas And Show Me Luv Homies!

Tears Brown n Proud Records Living For the Cause

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How R My Rolas(Songs)

Sick Ass Shit Homie
Your Good Homie
Brush up a lil Ese
Damn u Suck!

Why this name?
Its A Family Given Name So I Use It For The Hood
Do you play live?
Ive Only Entered Rap Competitions
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It Gives You A chance To Expose Yourself More Easily And Show What You Want
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I Consider Myself Signed But I Have no Contract I Work With Brown And Proud Records i Record Produce And Edit myself
Band History:
Just A Gangsta Born In Fontana California Moved Over Here And did What ive Been Doing Putting It Down For Mine
Your influences?
Lil Menace Sick Rymez,Steelow, Mr.lil One
Favorite spot?
Straight Up Chuco Town All The Way But I Like To Kick It In Central
Equipment used:
Just A Mic, Word Pad, Adobe Auditon 1.5
Anything else...?
Just dont Hate Homies Dont be Fake Ass Levas You know Stay True The Blue And Raza
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