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NEWS   LuciferSam - Kon Tie Mai Chai Maa
The album will be out in the fall more news contact
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07-09-05 dj wph & MC Narcolep, arrange and mix this song in 5.1 surrond DVD, enjoy the mix vocal tracks comming soon. Friend and guest guitarist ESE lay down guitar tracks for the album title cut Kon Tie Mai.

From the Source Studio, Khon Kaen Thailand, Khon Kaen Agency Ltd. (Independent artiest network Thailand) Featured guest artists from around the world. For people who like to create.......

LuciferSam - Kon Tie Mai Chai Maa
The album will be out in the fall more news contact
Why this name?
The names translates into a cool sounding Thai Name.
But it comes from the underground and Syd Barrett and the Pink Flyod song Lucifer Sam.
Do you play live?
Writing and recording our first album. Will be taking it live in the near future, the underground Thai Hip Hop scene is growing. Just look at Thaitanium, Dajim, Joey Boy.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Fastest quickest way to present your music to the world. Also the quickest way to find out any info you need to know. But also the easist way to get riped off.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For world wide distrubution yes sure who wouldn't? But not to be pigeon holed and not released. Just because you get a major deal it doesn't mean you will get all that comes with being a star. You have to be that and much more all on your own.
Band History:
Started at the Source Studio Khon Kaen Thailand.
Your influences?
Hip Hop New wave rock, Dance, Trance, House, acid.
Favorite spot?
Good Clubs, go go bars in bkk......
Equipment used:
Anything that produces a cool sound and can be sampled.
Anything else...?
Comming to Thailand contact us for a different view your a tourist we are not.... Ha Ha the real deal...
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