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Aaron Campbell
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play hi-fi  funky stuff alt bass
play hi-fi  funky stuff
play hi-fi  clarence white
play hi-fi  clarence white BT
play hi-fi  june rock rough draft
play hi-fi  Its june
play hi-fi  Cranked Lil Dawg D-lux
play hi-fi  slow april 2010
play hi-fi  slow bt april 2010
play hi-fi  jvstyle
My name is Aaron Campbell, just up posting some creative content as a solo artist for now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Lots of influence from my childhood like TV show themes and the radio. I grew into drum corps where I marched half a season. I listened to alot of the corps style music. I also listened to symphony, orchestra and classical music.
I mainly play guitar now, and I try to bring the variety from my experiences to my music.
Favorite spot?
Somewhere with a great view where I can reflect.
Anything else...?
Email me your comments if you like, or use the message board. Thanks for listening!