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Dimitri Schkoda
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play hi-fi  Alone in Ruins
play hi-fi  Dirty Wars
play hi-fi  Extreme Isthme
play hi-fi  Devolution
play hi-fi  Radio Tears
play hi-fi  Child's Answers
play hi-fi  Far away from Home
play hi-fi  Cold Desert
play hi-fi  Mortal Flowers
play hi-fi  No hesitation
This page ‘s just for You. Then…read, see, listen and please, let me know if it talks to you.

Welcome in my innerworlds. Another look on life because we are all different.
Because all we need is to share our life, our passions, our love.

So many experiences, so many encounters, so many hopes in just one little life.

You will find here eighteen first trip suggestions. Enjoy and be happy !
It is just, as my friend says, an Aural Voyage. All you have to do is to close your eyes.
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