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Welcome to the world of Dope House Records, the purist in the game. Founded by Arthur Coy, Jr. and his little brother Carlos Coy (A/K/A SPM), the two have built an empire of powerhouse artists and multi-million dollar deals. Reveille Park was SPM’s most recent release and was his 8th solo album. His 9th solo project, entitled “When Devil’s Strike” is coming soon. SPM’s flows are highly addictive and have been described as medicine for the soul. His songs tell of dark memories of a life he’s escaped yet in all his music is a message of hope.

Meanwhile the Coyotes keep conquering new territories and gaining loyalty everywhere they go. To us, the word “fans” stands for family absolutely never separating. Our music was birthed from the ghettos of America and contains rough content, but our ultimate goal is to steer our youth in the right direction- staying in school, and keeping God first, now that’s gangster. So we ask our listeners to enjoy the thrills of these wicked tales but to also know what is important.

The Dope House has hand picked an army of the most gifted and talented artists in the game. The Mexican conqueror Juan Gotti, the young legend Lucky Luciano, our reigning female who goes by Powda, the Sagiterrorist Low G, D.F.O., Dirty Werk, our reggae star Major Riley, Twin Beredaz, Uchie, our Platinum Producer Happy P, our in-house producers Pain and Shadow, and the man who started it all- Grimm, A/K/A the Brown Recluse. We’re very excited about our own Baby Beesh, who has inked a huge deal with our friends at Universal Records. Also check out our Screwston compilations that drop bi-monthly keeping DJ Screw’s legacy alive.

Come back often to see what’s cooking at the Dope House and to find out the latest news on our latest moves. Keep it real and meet us out there.
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