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Scott Shannon
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Scott Shannon has been composing, arranging, and performing for the past three decades. He has appeared at a variety of venues in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and throughout the south.

After years of "big city" life he has retreated to the mountains of North Carolina where he composes and records in his home studio. He has recently completed the composition and recording of two full-length ballets. "I Am Egypt", is about the heretic Pharoh Ahknaton and his murderous Queen, Nefertiti. "The Obsessions of Sgt. Krug", is a modern ballet in the classical European style about a lusty peasant soldier in 1812. Also new are his "Asian Symphony" and "Symphonie Magick".

Unwilling to stay within any defined genre, Scott also composes and records electronic music for cheerleading competitions, world fusion music, smooth jazz, and intriguing Ambient journeys.

Scott is a member of BMI, IUMA, and he is also an artist at where his music consistently ranks in the Top 40 charts for his genres.
Your influences?
Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Debussy
Anything else...?
Review from Combining the multi-part structure and interceding movements of romantic/classical music with the expressive possibilities of electronica, North Carolina's Scott Shannon is remaking traditional forms in the modern age. But Shannon's original symphonic works don't so much alter classical as use a new electronic vocabulary to enliven its basic power.
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