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Cyndee Lee Rule
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Cyndee Lee Rule is a classically-trained violinist who has performed at such prestegious venues as Lincoln Center, the Tweeter Center, the First Union Center and Trenton War Memorial. She has performed as a first violinist for the Philharmonic of Southern NJ and is a classical violin instructor.

With her 5 string Viper, Cyndee Lee Rule has performed with such legendary spacerock musicians as Hawkwind's Harvey Bainbridge and Gong's Tim Blake. She has toured in the UK and has performed at the famous Melkweg Club in Amsterdam.

Cyndee has also collaborated through the internet with Systems Theory, a progressive-ambiant band with members and guest musicians spread throughout the world. Steven Davies-Morris and Greg Amov of Systems Theory were very instrumental in the production of Cyndee's debut Viper album, UFOsmosis.

Why this name?
It's my name!
Do you play live?
Yes I have performed live with Scattered Planets and have done several Philly-area radio shows with them, including performing live on the Gagliarchives. I have performed with both Nik Turner and Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind, Spaceseed, Stellarscope and Thee Maximalists, and others.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has greatly affected the music industry, and me personally. I have collaborated with Systems Theory, doing violin tracks for their "Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies" CD. The internet allowed us to work long-distance almost like we were in the same studio together.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Performed With:
Nik Turner (Hawkwind)
Harvey Bainbridge (Hawkwind)
Scattered Planets
Tim Blake (Hawkwind, Gong)
Jean-Philippe Rykiel
Assassins of Silence
Dream Machine (with members of Ozric Tentacles)
Robin Renee
Dicey Riley
Paul Sears (the Muffins)
Dave Newhouse (the Muffins)
Keith Macksoud (Present)
Jim Rezek (Illuvatar)
Yanni Papadapolous (Stinking Lizaveta)
Graham Clark
Fabio Golfetti (Invisible Opera Company of Brazil)
Brian Abbott
Tim Hall (Mother Gong)
Rich Orlando (Alien Planetscapes)
Premik Tubbs (Ravi Shankar, Herbie Hancock, others)
Radio Massacre International
G. Calvin Weston (Ornette Colman, Vernan Reid, others)

Systems Theory--Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies, 2004
UFOsmosis--solo CD (with Steven Davies-Morris and Greg Amov), 2005
Spaceseed--Empire of Night, 2006
The Exile Collection--compilation, 2006
Scattered Planets--Late Night Tentacles, 2006
Assassins of Silence--Elements that Gather Here, 2007
Scattered Planets--Deep Space Psychosis, 2007
Mooch--Dr. Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band, 2007
Radio Massacre International--Rain Falls in Grey, 2007
Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart--Earth Born, 2008
Mooch--1967 1/2, 2008
Light Speed Dreaming, 2008 (DVD)
Project Moonbeam--Project Moonbeam, 2008
Systems Theory--Codetalkers, 2008
Space Mirrors--Majestic 12: A Hidden Presence, 2008

Your influences?
Spacerock! And hard rock, heavy metal, world fusion, electronic, etc.
Favorite spot?
My deck, watching the hummingbirds come to the feeders.
Equipment used:
Wood Violins 5-string Viper and Boss GT-6 guitar pedal.
Anything else...?
For information about upcoming gigs and recordings:

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