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Men From San Diego

Steve Gilmore announced the winners of the Stevies this year, and here is a list of the artists of the year:

Big Beasts

Refrag (SC/SP) - Prash - Burp - Sylvan & Bonamici (Artist Launch) - Maria Daines & Paul Killington (SC/SP/MP3U) - Deggsy & Crockmister (MP3U)- EL84 -Starting Over (SC/SP)- Xanthe - Alexis Van Eeckhout - Under The Sun - Mandible - Cameron Peirce - Tim Tibbetts - dcallen - Cam

Li'l (but growing) Beasts

The Men From San Deigo - melv - Big Ship - Blue Lotus - Nigel Potter - Alchemystic - Prong Song (SP) - Radio Orphans (SP) - taiga blues - Wimshurts Machine - Bipolar - Apesoundcapes - Christopher Martin Hansen - Wray - CJ FreqX - Mission Control Unit - Slarou

The plain pesky (insects, flying things etc)

Pilesar (and his legions) - Richard Dunlap - Guanoman - the hive - drt - Fear 2 Stop - Mosquito Death Squadron - rolls

See if you notice something about the list of 'little beasts'!
Safe House
New School
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play hi-fi  Loose Axons
play hi-fi  Isolationist Club
play hi-fi  The Man From Machynlleth
play hi-fi  Hi Ho
play hi-fi  Do You Know The Way To San Diego?
play hi-fi  Cyborg Luddites (Revised Version)
play hi-fi  One Smokey Night At The Jazbah
play hi-fi  Too Many Monkeys feat. The Monkeyboys
play hi-fi  News From The South
play hi-fi  The Daimones Frogmen
Men From San Diego is a project based on collaborations. Any artist takes saxophone samples performed by Thomas J and does something with them. Hopefully it will be interesting which directions people go in when they're all given the same starting point. If you are interested in taking part, simply download the sample/s you want, play with them, and send the finished product to me via to, or upload them onto your soundclick page and let me know. Then I'll upload them. THANKS.
Why this name?
I have no idea, it was the first thing that came into my head when Soundclick asked me for my band name.
Do you play live?
I play sax for Div and the Divs, they're a ska/blues/punk band.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I just read Pilesar say that thanks to the internet, music is getting weirder and weirder and weirder. I reckon he's right.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would love to be a famous sax player, but only if I got to do what I wanted to do.
Band History:
Thomas J was born, and at the age of nine the twitchy young boy started playing the saxophone, despite heavy recommendation from the school not to. A year or two after hitting puberty, he started playing guitar, like several other boys that age. Even later than that, the twitchy teenager started dabbling in electronics. Now he's bored with dabbling in electronics, and has rediscovered the passion for the sax, after buying a Charlie Parker songbook. NOW HE NEEDS YOU TO HELP HIM.
Your influences?
Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Mosquito Death Squadron, Hal Russel's Chemical Feast, The Boom.
Equipment used:
A stereo condenser mic, soundforge.