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Brighton Based Drum and Bass/Electronica producer with a strong emphasis on the mellower and more musical vibe. Productions range from down-tempo "chill-out" stuff to dancefloor friendly Drum and Bass.
Why this name?
"Cadre" - A person or group who is attempting to lead the masses towards a new Idea or ideology. Very Profound...After about 3 yrs of not coming up with a name...this one did the job!...for now
Do you play live?
I have DJed around Brighton, and on internet radio through the organisation of my own events in brighton. This has however become a thing of the past of late, as I have fallen back into the bedroom to focus on the production side of things. I am currently beginning to make the moves towards playing out again (so any promoters in brighton...or beyond?!?)...hopefully armed with some of my own stuff to delight the crowds with....hopefully
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I have benefited hugely from the ability to pass music around over the internet. I feel more confident I will be able to get in contact with the right people once I am ready to, but we are all aware of the negatives of this as well. As we move into the whole mp3 sales thing, and have the proper systems to protect rights etc...i think things will pick up again...It is just a transitional period which the Industry needs to adjust to.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the deal was right and I felt my music was up to scratch, then yes.
Band History:
I have been exposed to and been interested in electronic music for about a decade, but only started getting involved on any serious level in 2000, which was when I started to DJ. On arrival to Univerity in brighton, me and some friends set up a regular event(Bad Science) aimed at providing a broader experience of music and other art forms such as dance and visual art. This went on to become relatively successful and recieved some excellent reviews in some leading local magazines. From this, we were all able to perform at other events around brighton. For me...the logical next step was to begin producing my own music. I started this in 2003. It was a struggle to start with as I had no previous musical background, so it all seemed quite daunting. 2 and a half years on...here goes...
Your influences?
I try to gain inspiration form all over. I grew up in africa and am half lebanese, so I try and reflect this where possible. I have encorporated alot of the percussive elements of African music into my own, but generally, exploring these influences is something I would like to delve into a bit more. Generally, I listen to and appreciate a broad range of musical styles...from Jazz and Afro-beat to hip-hop and Jungle...I would like to think this is reflected in my music. I would say my biggest influences come from the world of Drum and Bass purely because my love for this genre is what pushed me to make my own music in the first place.
Favorite spot?
The Beach
Equipment used:
Mainly software...Reason 2.0, Cubase SX, soundforge, t-racks and various plug-ins. Evolution Midi controller, a Korg Electribe Es-1 sampler, shitty Acoustic Solution monitors, shitty Kam Mic, and a shitty soundcard