Platinum Pistolz
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QueensBridge Native now Residing in North Queens.
Why this name?
A Fired weapon aint "dirty" until you get caught wit it, in which Case I got the Cleanest Metal on the face of the f***in' planet.

Platinum Pistolz
Do you play live?
Since 2004 I hosted the Five Boro Talent Jump off in brooklyn. I loved to battle back in the '99 nah mean? Kept it aggressive. Now its more like Record all this shit.. then get back to battlin' lol he'll never fall off. Currently I do shows at The Unify the Hood Heal The Hood Events In Brooklyn peep for more info on that.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
As A hobby The internet allows artist to view eachother's work from thousands of locations around the Country, Continent & globe.

Its a Hip Hop Expansion tool like a muthaF*&ka lol
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Mos defnitly, But I'd rather be on some Common type sh*** then some Nelly shit. How we spittin' about Rims when the lil Thuns in the hood is still gettin' Hemmed up?
Your influences?
Mos Def I'd have to say The Mobb Cause thats the Block, 41st side keep it poppin' & it was further solidified back in '95-96, nobody kept it real for that long on wax & still caked.. DMX definitly is a influence on voice stressing & Method man wit the butta blade flow.
Favorite spot?
My Favorite Area would have to be Brownsville Brooklyn, my second home out there summer & winter lol Q.B you gotta hit the Center in the winter see whats poppin' Or hit the cell Cause niggaz ain't standin' in the snow lol

Equipment used:
A $90 Pyle Pro PDWM100
& Cool edit pro 2.0

Ehhh yea yea I know, but f*** you I ain't no rich nigga.. yet.. f*** it I'mma Upgrade later
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