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Byron Zeliotis the guitarist first started learning classical and electric guitar in Athens when he was twelve years old.
My first teacher was Mr. Nicolaidis an amateur mandolin, guitar player and a lover of music and the performing arts. Although he was an old man at the time and he had very little technique to speak of he did teach me the rudiments of music and more importantly transmit to me his love for music and his sense of discipline for practicing regularly. I still remember him with affection and regard him as my first and maybe last teacher!

A few years later I moved to Scotland and there I studied the guitar formally and passed the necessary grade examinations.
Self taught I have learnt by working my way through all the classical guitar repertoire and trusting my own sense of musicality. At regular intervals I have also studied privately with some of the best guitarists of our generation and classical world today; Guitarists such as Carlos Bonnel, Timothy Walker, Jonathan Leathwood, Sarn Dyer, Xuefei Yang and others.

I received my BA hons and B.ED music from the University of East Anglia and have taught music in Schools for ten years and guitar for the Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire music services.
As a performer I have given numerous solo classical guitar recitals and have also performed with orchestras. As composer I have written and performed works for the guitar, choir, voice and ensembles.

I now reside in Athens Greece where I teach guitar privately and also accept bookings as guitarist performer.

Do you play live?
I love performing live. Indeed I feel that nothing beats LIVE music. Each performance is unique and unrepeatable.
Although I am a classical guitarist I also love improvising and playing other music styles -particularly folk and blues- with other musicians.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it is great that we can listen to each other on the net across the whole world today. The display of new techniques of playing the guitar for instance displayed on the www is fantastic and so MP3s are a great learning and teaching resource. On the other hand the reality of 'being there' , LIVE next to a player or teacher will never be substituted by anything because 'Music' is always played in a specific context. That is at a certain time and place for whoever happens to be there. The audience in fact affect the performer and the music being played! So I believe that music is meant to be for 'your ears only'. MP3s however are great for advertising a sample of yourselves to others. they are great advertising but not the whole thing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes as long as they allow me to preserve the integrity of the music I play and allow me to express myself in a creative manner.
Your influences?
I like good music from all styles. My guitar influences are Julian Bream, John Williams, Steve Howe, Pierre Bensuzan, Isaac Guillory, Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and many others. The list is almost endless.
Favorite spot?
I have been lucky to live in and visit many places. If there was one single spot where I would advise someone to go to at some point in their lives I would pick the centre spot in the ancient Pantheon of Rome. For me it combined something made by man -a temple- and the elements of nature -light, wind and rain-.
Equipment used:
One of my favourite classical guitars that I play is a 'Portentosa Grande' by the German maker Dieter Hopf. It has character and a very clear sound.