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Accoustic and jangly electric guitars propel simple arrangements of simple songs with often complex, often witty lyrics. Genres like folk, power pop, indie rock, and accoustic punk get tinkered with, blended, and occasionally mangled. A good time is had by all.
Why this name?
I didn't.
Do you play live?
Nope. I used to play in the basement. Now I play upstairs. It's a much nicer venue.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has made it much easier for me to "market" my "product" to a "national audience."
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I suppose if the terms were right. It's not an issue I expect to wrestle with.
Band History:
1985 Purchased First Guitar
1991 "Ad Astra" tape
1992 Plague of Daisies "First Bank of Jah" tape
1993-2004 Did not own microphone
2005 "Happy" CD
October 2005 "Prime" CD
Your influences?
Let's say that Ani DiFranco's love child by Tom Waits met the daughter of Elvis Costello and Dar Williams, and they fell in love and had a baby boy, and he grew up to be an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. I'd be, like, that person's kid brother.
Favorite spot?
Portland, Oregon, City of Roses.
Equipment used:
Boss DR-770 "Dr. Rhythm" Drum Machine
Anything else around the house
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