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Mellow'd Elements
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...Imagine Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda were hip hop heads. Brought together through a mutual appreciation of the Pharcyde's "Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde" m.c's Big Geesus and Stevie Love Bone are the Mellow'd Elements. Representing hip hop from the east coast of Scotland. Have been called the Laurel and Hardy of hip hop.
Why this name?
mellow'd elements, two m.c's=two elements of hip hop, mix that with the fact these boys smoke enough sh*** to make redman and method man whitie, just a couple of stoned hip hop heads, i dont think theres much more to it than that!!!
Do you play live?
Play live?? its all about rockin a live crowd for this crew, with a few years of live gigs behind them, rockin for a hip hop crowd is what keeps these guys making music. Its not unusual for these guys to be pissing of sweat by the end of the first song!!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
sweet for testing the waters without having to waste money on wack stuff, for hearing new and unsigend artists and giving them a chance to get their music to a wider audience. and to save a fortune on buying albums.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
in the words of james bond......."never say never again".
Band History:
Started rapping over instrumentals, and due to doing this drunk in the pub got our first gig with free bar as payment. Recorded our first official tune at the age of 15/16 under the guise of the Funkaholiks. sh*** name, didnt last long and changed to the Pranksters. Continued doing live gigs and got more into recording and producing. Name changed to Mellow'd Elements in 1999 and the first EP recorded was "Who the F***??" in 1999. More live local gigs. Recorded "The Swiss Mist" EP in Switzerland in 2002 with the Sleepwalkers (shouts to layth and greg!!). Two years at college both qualified as sound engineers, still recording and doing live local gigs. Brokehead Productions was born in 2003 and is the home for a few ventures such as music production and video production such as music/skate videos. Stil representing in 2005 with a Brokehead bank account. New EP from Mellow'd Elements and EP from the Filthmongers coming soon. The time is nearly upon you all...........
Your influences?
Eric B and Rakim, Run DMC, Public Enemy, NWA, Ice Cube, Kool Keith, Pharcyde, Redman, early Alkaholiks, Del, Souls of Mischief, MF Doom, Beatnuts, Madlib, Necro, Demigodz, Eastern Conference......................we could go on for ever!
Favorite spot?
haven't been there yet, but recording in Switzerland was nice........and we have to at least mention Amsterdam.
Equipment used:
MPC, MPC, MPC, MPC. AKG C414, Tampa mic pre-amp, Samson amp, Pro tools, Yamaha 01V, etc.
Anything else...?
Shout outs to all Brokehead affiliates and all the Smokies who have and do support us. DJ Dust, DJ Anonymus, Barry on Safari. Chemikal, West, THC, DDK, Odd Squad, Lateface, Fubby, Oscar Bravo, The East Team.........if youre not here, you know who you are!!!! PEACE!!!!
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