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Post-Apocalyptic Existential Love Songs
Why this name?
It was given to me by a teenaged boy under foggy circumstances.
Do you play live?
I have played live, solo and with bands, at various periods in my life.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Provides a direct connection between the artist and the listener - no agents, labels, manufacturers or retail stores necessary.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure - depends on the deal.
Band History:
I grew up in a mill town on the north shore of Lake Superior in Canada. There were no musicians and no local radio stations. But at night we could pick up WLS, a powerful AM station from Chicago. I listened to Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Brooke Benton, Jerry Butler, Jackie Wilson and Otis Redding, to name a few. It wasn't like anything I had ever heard before. I knew there was a whole other world out there. I set out to find it.

I started playing acoustic guitar around 1970. My first big influence was the Blues. My brother-in-law taught me how to play basic 12 bar Blues. Throughout the seventies I drifted into Country and Folk music and played in bands that included banjo, fiddle and mandolin. Explored musical roots. Got as far as the 16th century (Follow Me Up To Carlow).

In the 80's I went electric. Started surfin' back downstream. I kind of personally recreated history by combining Blues and Country and came up with some mutant form of Rock and Roll. I had a band called the Reebtones (beer spelled backwards) in northern Ontario. We played covers, mostly Blues and Rockabilly. We played some rough places and I learned to play while dodging beer bottles. This has turned out to be a useful skill.

Currently I live in southern Ontario, writing songs and trying to get decent demos of them made.
Your influences?
I will listen to pretty much anything. I'm big into lyrics. As for my own style, people have said I sound like a combination of all of my favorite artists: Bob Dylan, Butch Hancock, Charley Patton, John Prine, Lefty Frizzell, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, get the idea.
Favorite spot?
A little to the left....up a bit...up a bit more...OOOOoooo, yeah!
Equipment used:
Right now? 40 year old Harmony Sovereign and a Dunlop capo. That's it.
Anything else...?
"When I die, they'll say 'he couldn't play shit, but he sure made it sound good!' "
~ Hound Dog Taylor
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