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Five Star Outlaw
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Band History:

After the demise of DragStripper, former glam/punk/rock project of Louie Reckless and Steve Savage, both from Troy, NY, the two put their heads together to pull out the best of what they had and collaborated further to rebirth the greater days of rock. With Savage on drums and Reckless on lead guitar all they could do was write and arrange songs for their new unnamed rock project. Month after month the song writing team continued pounding out lyrics and arranging melodies while racking there brains to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

After a number of musical distractions and immeasurable negativity from the local music community they were almost ready to call it quits when unknown bass player Disko Will wandered by the front porch of Reckless’ apartment and was drawn to the loud, aggressive rock music the duo were working on inside and instantly came up with a bass line to the song. After hooking up with the two through a mutual friend, Disko was hired as the new “King of the four string” and the band became a three piece.

With the new groovy bass lines and a revival of the dream the trio practiced like they were possessed. Knowing they would need a rhythm guitar player who could help pull the trios sound together, the hunt was on. After many dead ends they came across James, a local talented guitarist. After dragging his Marshall stack and Les Paul into the audition, he lit a cigarette, plugged in, played a few riffs and was hired on the spot as the new rhythm guitar player and nicknamed London James.

Now a four piece, the band went sans vocalist practicing, arranging, rearranging and writing tunes that called for a strong, diverse and eye catching frontman, something that was seemingly impossible to find. Their hopes were raised and crashed more than once before fate brought them together with Seamus Shameless, a young and talented vocalist out of Pittsfield Mass. looking to join a rock project. During the bands first recording session at Hoex Studios in Albany, NY, Seamus came in to audition and was immediately brought on to front the now complete five piece band.

During the break between recording sessions the band finished up arranging 11 songs for there debut LP and tried to come up with a band name that would describe the power and vibe the band represented. There were many names thrown around, World War 3, Atomic Cocktail, Five Star Outlaw, Spitfighter. Nothing really clicked. Titling the band was a dilemma that would have to take a back seat while they focused on going back into the studio.

The last day of the second recording session came and a new song the band had been messing around with was still without vocals and was given the 12th spot on the album. The song, previously recorded without vocals, pressed Reckless, Savage and Disko to quickly come up with lyrics for the first verse and pre chorus. Soon after, the door was opened for Seamus and Disko to began laying vocal tracks, while Reckless and Savage went out to finish the second verse and chorus to the song that was destined to become the next rock anthem, “Five Star Brawl“ and the name Five Star Outlaw was instantly deemed the name of this, the next great rock ‘n roll band.

Five Star Outlaw’s main goal? To “take over the world” of course! And the five are definatly a deadly combination to do just that. Get ready for these “bad boys of rock” to wake rock ‘n roll up from the 18 year slumber it has ensued. With there debut LP due out in summer 2005, Five Star Outlaw WILL redefine music once again.

In Five Star Outlaw listeners will hear influences from a wide variety of different bands and genres from The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Who to Kiss, The Sweet and AC/DC to The New York Dolls, The Ramones, and The Misfits to Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, and Guns ‘n Roses. If you like any good ‘ol fist pumping rock ‘n roll, you’ll be hard pressed not to fall in love with Five Star Outlaw. Do yourself a favor and check this band out, isn’t it about time rock ‘n roll was great again?

Director of Public Relations
Reckage Records 2005©

“We know the world is tired of waiting for Axl Rose to come down from his mansion on the hill and save rock ‘n roll. So were stepping up to the plate, and getting’ the job done right.”
Steve Savage
, Five Star Outlaw

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Albany, NY
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